Tony Jones’ curious call for schism

I've used this older cartoon because of all my gender cartoons this one is by far the most popular with over 300,000 notes on Tumblr alone. You can buy a print of it HERE.I found Tony Jones' post It's Time For a Schism Regarding Women in the Church a fascinating read. I'm sure you will too if you haven't read it already. Jones is obviously passionate about the issue of women's equality. He has certainly written enough about it in the past. I read Jones because as one of the key progressive … [Read more...]

tips on how to train a well-behaved woman

(*** You can buy a fine reproduction of this cartoon as well as my other artwork in my online gallery.)I see this attitude prevalent throughout our culture. Not just in the church.But the church employs holy scripture as a legitimizing agent in its misogynistic agenda. It's validated from on high.This is not true everywhere, but it is true in enough places to merit mentioning:Men are slightly lower than the angels. Women are slightly higher than our pets. … [Read more...]

silence as key to Pastor Dad Mark Driscoll’s ministry

Any regime will work if the silence of the masses is kept. Those in authority rule. Those ruled submit silently. If only people would be quiet, you could do anything to them. Silence keeps the machine running smoothly.This is the strategy of Mark Driscoll's ministry at Mars Hill Church. It is doubly effective because the bible is used to reinforce it.I am grateful that Driscoll is so clear on his intentions. And generous! He preached an 81 minute sermon on fatherhood and turned it into a … [Read more...]

misogyny, sticky notes and bonfires

I can't believe all the sexist, misogynist stuff flying around the internet by the flockful pooping all over everything. It's rampant! Like one of my recent twitter updates: "Stupidity's not increasing, but the publication of it is." Sexism and misogyny have been around a long time. It's just that now more people get to proclaim it. Freedom of speech, even if it is hate speech.It's uglier when wrapped in religious garb. It's also more powerful because it says it's not misogyny but biblical … [Read more...]

you do realize this is the same place

Some will immediately come to the defense of the church and say that I'm painting with a wide brush.But I challenge you to ask anyone on the street:"What's the first thing that comes to your mind when I say 'church' and 'boys'?""What's the first thing that comes to your mind when I say 'church' and 'women'?""What's the first thing that comes to your mind when I say 'church' and 'money'?""What's the first thing that comes to your mind when I say 'church' and 'the … [Read more...]

emotionally invested preconceived stereotype of women

When I saw this video of Fox News' Megyn Kelly taking on two men in a heated argument about stereotyping women, it only confirmed to me that beneath all the layers of reasoning there resides a deep-seated, gut-level emotional conviction that women must fulfill their stereotypical roles.SomeĀ promote education as the answer. But it is obvious to me that it takes more than education. It takes humility and a willingness to change.How one gets to a place of being willing to humble oneself, … [Read more...]

women should carry rape insurance?

I immediately apologize for the disturbingly graphic nature of this cartoon. It was disturbing for me to draw it and disturbing for me to post it. But some things have to be said because it was more disturbing to me what inspired it.This is a true story. You can read about it in this article, "Anti-Abortion Leader Faces Criticism After Comparing Rape to Car Accidents". A woman said this.Rape is not an accident. It is a crime!Our culture continues to lay the weight of responsibility … [Read more...]

at least he’s not a racist

Yes, the title recalls Tony Jones' post, "I'm Tired of Being Called a Racist". I think this post brought something to light that needed to be. We are being called on our blindspots. That's a good thing.Just because you're hot in one area doesn't mean you're not cold in another.I'm entangled in systemic racism and so, almost without being able to help it, I am involved in racism. That I must humbly admit. Read this excellent analysis by Brittany Lewis of Kanye West's new album "New … [Read more...]

a boy and a girl play doctor

We live in a stereotypical world. Stereotypes abound. Like labels, they make life easier because it is predictable and understood. Stereotypes lessen mystery.If women would just be the stereotypical woman and men the stereotypical man then wouldn't life just be easier?Our societies and cultures impute upon women an ideal of what they should be. Add upon that most religions that impute upon women not only the cultural ideal of what they should be, but also impute upon women theological … [Read more...]

too bad women teachers have bodies

I want to thank Rachel Held Evans for being a part of the inspiration behind this cartoon. In a recent post of hers, The Absurd Legalism of Gender Roles: Exhibit C--"As Long As I Can't See Herā€¦", she said, Piper is essentially arguing that so long as he does not have to acknowledge my humanity, so long as I keep a safe distance so he is unaware of the pitch of my voice and the presence of my breasts, he can, perhaps, learn something about the Bible from me. Of course, being an artist, my mind p … [Read more...]