offerings down

I kid you not: this is a weekly anxiety for many pastors. When you have the building, staff and expenses of all kinds, the amount of weekly offerings is crucial. It can mean life or death. Every every every pastor wants to know what the "take" is every Sunday as soon as it is counted. I've heard of some pastors wanting to know via a sign at the back so that if they were lower than needed he could preach up more money. I was at one service where the offering plate was passed around 5 times. I kid … [Read more...]

church like banks

For those of you who might have missed it, I posted another One Minute Message last night called 3 Ways to Leave the Church. Check it out!The bank will only put money where there's a pretty solid guarantee of return. It puts money where there is money or the solid promise of it.Churches can be like this as well... favoring only those who deserve it and can give it back. … [Read more...]

moneyed marriage

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a bad marriage

In my opinion it is a terrible partnership. It won't last.However, for some reason the marriage prevailed.But there's something sickeningly symbiotic about this relationship.Buy a print of this cartoon here.Check out my books that are full of cartoons.  … [Read more...]

Jesus Needed Money

I very frequently get an email or a comment from someone saying something like: doesn’t it embarrass you to make money here by selling your drawings which are precisely criticizing how some churches and pastors try to make as much money as possible from their followers? That's a quote. I've had other comments like, "Jesus wouldn't sell his art. He'd give it away. You should too."I've posted quite a bit about my own spiritual struggle with money. My years and years in the church gave me a r … [Read more...]

money’s not everything

This guy needs to learn that even though the action is important, the condition of the heart is just as important. In fact, the attitude can spoil the gift. It's not enough to throw money and good deeds around. The point is to be changed.(One of my first cartoons. Ha!)(Download my ebook "nakedpastor 101" for .99¢.) To download the ebook, --> click here! <--Check out my originals and prints. Take advantage of affordable prices now. … [Read more...]

televangelist starts early

Dig deep all you moms and dads. We must keep the machines running.Visit my online gallery where you can buy my original cartoons and prints and drawings. … [Read more...]

money making machine

And around and around it goes.Own the original cartoon drawing. Buy a print of this cartoon. … [Read more...]

it’s all about relation$hip$

Sorry I didn't get my post up this morning. We were without power for nearly 12 hours. So I'm posting it now. I must say it was a very strange experience not posting my morning cartoon.I wanted to draw a cartoon that portrayed the confusion often experienced, not just in churches, but in many organizations and even businesses. Even though the talk might apparently say that what is valued is one thing, embedded in the attitudes, speech and behavior of that organization is what is really valued. … [Read more...]

sorry no money

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