new Sophia “rising”

What freedom Sophia now enjoys! Nothing can stop her. It used to be that everything and everyone held her back and held her down. Now she knows that she is no one's slave. She is her own master. She is liberated. She will rise!Purchase the original painting or buy a print. Join a site dedicated to providing a safe place for sharing and learning our spiritual paths.(Remember: if you receive my newsletter use your 25% discount!) … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “release”

We have an expression in our house that we use almost daily: "Let it go… like a balloon… let it go!"It is so difficult to let things go. It is difficult to let friends go. Your loved ones. Your pet. Your job. Your house. Your church. Your religion. Your faith. So many things. It is difficult to let things go.But what is the most difficult thing to let go? What about our anger? What about our fear? What about our resentments? What about our griefs? What about our disappointments?Sophia is le … [Read more...]

bare not barren

This is a water-color painting I did a while ago.These are trees in my backyard. Right now, in the middle of winter, they are completely bare. In fact, they look barren. Touch them and they are cold. They crack in the bitter freeze of the season. Even any leaves they had are buried beneath layers of snow, concealing any evidence of life past or present.But this doesn't mean they are barren. Faithfully, every year when spring approaches, the mystery of Life leaps into being. The trees, … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “Dive”

It took me hours and hours to finally beckon Sophia to cooperate and appear in my imagination. And this is what I saw. Without a doubt Halloween, Twilight and the moon is playing a major role in composing this image.This image of Sophia is haunting to me in another way. Legend has it that the apostle Peter was to be crucified, but he requested to be crucified upside-down so as not to be equal to Jesus.So this Sophia "Dive" is both full of courage and humility. Sophia is strong but doesn't … [Read more...]

yes you feel alone

Yes you feel alone. Standing solitary like a spruce. But I bet if we followed your roots they would join with those of others. Trees afar off you've never seen.You would recognize yourself in them. And weep for them as you've wept for yourself. You will marvel at their beauty. And perhaps see it in your own boughs.Stand majestic against the moon. Let your shadow fall upon your ground. Shelter the birds of the air. But most of all just stand there and let us see you as you are.There is … [Read more...]

2 contemplative charcoal drawings

Here are 2 contemplative pieces I did this weekend. They are done with charcoal on Arches hot press cotton rag, and they each measure 4"x6" (10cm x 15cm).There is peace. Often I have to go outdoors to get in touch with it.You can buy the original drawings outright here and here. Or if you prefer making an offer on ebay, here and here. … [Read more...]

dense forest moon ORIGINAL drawing

(This drawing was done with graphite pencil on Arches coldpress acid free paper, measuring 5"x7" (13cm x 18cm).)Who is viewing this scene? Someone in the middle or on the edge of a dark forest on a dark night. The mists of night even threaten to darken the moon.I wouldn't be honest if I gave the impression that I always had it together. I don't. Sometimes I feel this way. Very lost. Enveloped in darkness. Even the slight light that I have is borrowed, indirect, misty.Sometimes the only … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “Hollow”

Ah... our young woman Sophia continues her journey toward her independence and wisdom. Here she has found a place to hide in the night. An ancient hollow tree. She has been awakened by the stirring of crows in the distance. What could this mean?There is something about Sophia that is at once unsettling and beautiful. She seems vulnerable and I want to protect her. But she also seems strong and insists on finding her own way. Her whole life has been prescribed and dictated. She must find her … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “tracks”

This is another one in my Sophia series... a young woman's courageous journey towards her independence and wisdom. Here the length of her journey is featured. She is crossing a snowy plain. The night continues to conceal her while the moon illumines her path.You can purchase the original (very affordable!) or fine art prints of it here. … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “Crouch”

Another installment in my Sophia series... a young woman's courageous journey towards independence and wisdom. (You can purchase fine art prints of this image here). … [Read more...]