Merry Christmas from God the Son

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you have a wonderful day. … [Read more...]

Jesus as an evil baby genius

I'm in a coffee shop posting this because my home has had no power for a couple of days. But I have my family, we can gather around our woodstove, eat good food and drink wine while talking with our iTunes playing in the background.I hope you all have a happy holiday season.SHOP THE LASTING SUPPER … [Read more...]

the real theological reason Jesus was born in a barn

Aren't you amazed by the vast variety of endless stuff out there circulating around Jesus? Mesmerizing! It just goes to show how much grace there must be because literally anything goes. We can believe, say and do pretty much anything!So I focus on eradicating the abusive, discriminatory, hateful, ridiculous or damaging bullshit. The stuff that causes people to suffer.Can we make this a less toxic Christmas for at least one person this year?The Lasting Supper My art shop … [Read more...]

Jesus didn’t come to bring peace but a question

You can buy a reproduction of this cartoon and other art in my shop.I used to believe that Jesus was the answer.Now, for me, the story of Jesus undermines certainty.Our task is to discern the right questions.Come ask questions with us at The Lasting Supper! … [Read more...]

Joseph and Mary the perpetual virgin

Cartoons, art and Sophia drawings are available in my gallery!Poor Joseph. Poor Mary. But one must live up to the expectations of others.Heaven forbid we sully our holiness with something as sinful as... sex!In fact, sex is something we talk a lot about at The Lasting Supper. No topic is inappropriate at our table! … [Read more...]

A letter to Mark Driscoll about the Christmas story

Actually, one of the members of our online community, Julie-Anne Morris posted this in our secret Facebook group. So with her permission I created this for your viewing pleasure!I posted a different cartoon of this this morning, but I thought I would just use her quote on the image instead. … [Read more...]

big as a whale and whale of a sale

I remember Lisa saying this when she was pregnant all three times. I imagine Mary saying it. And I'm saying I have a whale of a sale going on right now with 50% OFF ALL OF MY ART! Just go to MY SHOP and see all your options: Sophias and cartoons and paintings... originals and reproductions! … [Read more...]

mine all mine

Some talk about the Christ principal. I get it. If you've followed my z-theory at all, you will understand that I see the story of the incarnation as a powerful metaphor that attempts to describe reality. It resonates with me.However, I do not imagine it as a story of one religion dominating the world, as many do. Of course, Christianity isn't the only religion guilty of the ambition of world domination. It is the nature of all religions, Christianity included.(Many original cartoon drawings … [Read more...]

God Nursing

I love the challenge of expressing in one frame difficult theological questions.Like this one: If Jesus is God, how early dawned his self-awareness?But let's make it personal: How aware of you, at your age, of your own divinity?Buy my art here! … [Read more...]