reverse rapture

I don't like pictures of people floating up into the sky in the rapture. I think they are silly. So I thought I'd add to the silliness by presenting another theory that it's not the people who are raptured, but their clothes. That would leave a few naked parishioners around who might need a nakedpastor.I like Karl Barth's idea that the last day was the removing of the veil which separates us from perceiving the Reality that is already there. On that day we will finally see things as they … [Read more...]

sorry no money

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new Sophia drawing “LEAP”

Our young courageous Sophia continues her journey towards her independence and wisdom. She's taken the leap. All she has is a rope connected to Something above. Her desperation, her tenacity, her wildness... these are all interpreted by some as her being irrational. But she understands that sometimes drastic times require drastic measures. It's all or nothing.This is drawn with pen and ink and graphite pencil on Arches 300lb. hotpress acid-free rag, measuring 8"x10" (20cm x 25cm).¬†Buy the … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “Hollow”

Ah... our young woman Sophia continues her journey toward her independence and wisdom. Here she has found a place to hide in the night. An ancient hollow tree. She has been awakened by the stirring of crows in the distance. What could this mean?There is something about Sophia that is at once unsettling and beautiful. She seems vulnerable and I want to protect her. But she also seems strong and insists on finding her own way. Her whole life has been prescribed and dictated. She must find her … [Read more...]

cartoon: tell the difference

Order my cartoon book NAKEDPASTOR101 from Amazon. … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing: “Transparent”

Here is another installment in my original Sophia drawings. Yesterday's "super moon" was obviously an inspiration. Notice how her body is transparent, as if she has become one with the moon, or the moon with her. It adds to her mystery, rendering her even more complex. She is at once subtle but strong.It is done with pen and ink and watercolor on Arches 300 lb. hotpress archival cotton rag, and it measures 8"x10" (20cm x 25cm).You can get the original or prints in my online gallery. … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “canoe”

This is another installment in the mysterious "Sophia" series... the graphic chronicle of a young woman's courageous journey to wisdom and independence. In this image she has come across a canoe. She must travel with stealth. There is a distant camp across the lake and she knows how sound travels over open water, especially in the still of the night. Whether they are kindly or not, it doesn't matter, for she absolutely must be alone.This one is done with pen and ink and graphite pencil on … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing

I have decided to call our young woman Sophia. This is because I believe she symbolizes the feminine "Wisdom" within my own self trying to find her way. I have gone through a year of serious trauma in which I believe she has been set free to explore and discover for herself. I will go back and tag each one with this name so that you can follow her journey. It has been a long and treacherous journey for her. However, now she has stumbled across an old abandoned library in the middle of the … [Read more...]

Shop Naked

I thought you'd get a kick out of this. A friend in the states saw this sign "Shop Naked" a while ago and took a picture of it for me. I did a bit of photoshopping to edit it in my favor.But I'm serious:You can get a quality fine art print of my cartoons here.Or you can get my fine art here.My shops ARE open 24/7. … [Read more...]

winner & new drawing “branching”

I'm pleased to announce yesterday's FREEBIE FRIDAY winner: Barbara James of San Antonio, Texas. Congratulations Barb! The darling little charcoal drawing will be shipped out to you on Monday.I drew this one last night. This young woman continues on her journey towards her own liberation:It's graphite pencil, pen & ink and colored pencil on Arches 300 lb. coldpress cotton rag, measuring 2.5"x3.5" (ACEO). You can buy the original here or here.I'm calling her Sophia. … [Read more...]