vocational advice for ex-pastors

Earlier this month I wrote a post that received quite a bit of attention called, "Why It Is So Difficult For Pastors To Leave The Ministry". One of my points was "vocation". Today I want to write about this point specifically. I want to give some suggestions that pastors leaving the ministry can consider.Buffers: when I left the ministry I had the privilege, being a Canadian, of collecting my Employment Insurance benefits. It was a fraction of my salary, but it provided several months of … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: left to find

This is really true.I've seen it locally. I notice that the people around me, from Christian church-goers to Christian non-church-goers to non-Christian non-church-goers to atheists to whatever… I've found around me a rich tapestry of spiritual people who encourage me, teach me and support me, and I them.I've seen it online. I've found gathered around nakedpastor a rich tapestry of spiritual people. It is you! It is profound.The other day I posted a message one of my readers sent me (with h … [Read more...]

freebie friday: “i think I’m gay”

It's been a while since I did a Freebie Friday. But I feel like giving something away today. So I decided to give away a print of my most popular cartoon from the past while: "I Think I'm Gay". I posted it this April. It's been very popular and has opened the door to many interesting conversations.You might not care for the print yourself, but you might know someone who would appreciate a copy!All you have to do is: 1. leave a comment on this post. Anything... even just a "hi". 2. you must … [Read more...]

don’t think just believe

How many times was I offered this irresistible invitation to stop thinking? Heaven knows how much torment thinking has brought me. But I also know how much liberation it has brought me. So I don't choose.When someone offers you the choice, run away. There's no choice to be made.*********Hey everyone! A friend of mine is making a great offer today. Today is his book launch, and if you go to his site and order the book, there are over 30 gifts that are immediately made available to you. One … [Read more...]

stake your claim claim your state

You finally have to make your stand. The war of attrition against your individual spirituality has taken its toll. One more day and you will lose this war. You must come out! You must stake your claim. You must claim your state!I've done it several times, to the dismay and disappointment of people I've loved and who have loved me. My parents. My grandparents. My siblings. My friends. My parishioners. My churches. My readers. I've had to come out, finally, and tell them who I was. Spiritually. … [Read more...]

t-shirt idea: unhappenness

Sure. Shit happens. But shit also unhappens.I've seen it in my own life recently. Shit happened. Then it unhappened.When it happened I was unhappy. When it unhappened I was happy.Shit unhappens.Hey! I gave people the wrong link last night to my new Sophia drawing "release". Read the post here. Buy the original drawing. Or, buy a print of this drawing. … [Read more...]

one minute message: “breaking up is hard to do with the church”

Hey everyone. Welcome to another One Minute Message. Share with all your friends and family. If you dare.Have you read my two books? I think you'd like them. Order them HERE. … [Read more...]