Jesus Kills

It took a while for Jesus to comprehend his significance.He just couldn't catch on to the idea that he was the intersection of ages.He felt the urge to sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice. Sheep scattered. Lambs languished.Then, as he grew up, the horrible realization began to dawn on him: he was the sacrifice, and he was the one to make it.Buy a print of this cartoon. … [Read more...]

gay stoning or wording

Murder is an instant and graphic way of dismissing someone from our lives. That's why, in the old days, exile carried almost the same weight as the death penalty. Families, clans and tribes were absolutely primary and removal from them was paramount to death.Now we can just separate ourselves from those deserving of death by other, more civil, means.But behind it all is the same motivation...... which is the exact opposite of incarnation.Download this cartoon for just .99¢(If you are … [Read more...]

we no longer stone

My original cartoons are available. I also make fine art prints of them. Just contact me if interested.In the old days when we were more tribal, the only way to remove someone from our lives was by murdering them. Legally it was by exile or execution. Now we can ostracize them without it looking bad on us. In fact, we can make it look downright righteous.For just $9, order "Nakedpastor101: Cartoons by David Hayward", from,, … [Read more...]

cartoon: glad we’ve moved on

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