find your own Sophia wisdom

Socrates believed that we all carried our own wisdom deep within and that it just needed to be coaxed out, usually with a series of questions. He demonstrated this one day on a small boy walking by. He asked him a series of questions, the boy answered, revealing to Socrates' disciples that he already had the knowledge.Jesus was no different. What did Jesus usually use in his teaching? Stories. Everyday stories that people already understood. Simple parables... like the one about flowers not … [Read more...]

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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Today I'm selling everything in my store... originals, fine art prints, cards... everything! for 50% off! All you have to do is enter the code "HEART" in the coupon box to redeem your deep discount! CLICK HERE!I call this one "Wisdom". Our young woman continues her journey. She is finding wisdom, confirmed by the sudden and mysterious appearance of the owls. You can buy this at 50% off! CLICK HERE!I'm calling her Sophia.Need to talk with someone who understands and … [Read more...]