getting in touch with myself once more

I'm not sure why this man is taking a walk now. Is he on his way somewhere? Did his dog need to go out? Or did he just need to center and get in touch with himself again?If it was you, why would you be here? Now?The most peaceful times for me when I feel most connected to Source is at night, under the stars, maybe smoking my pipe, maybe with or without my dog, but usually in winter. There is just so much stillness it seems to seep into the core of my being and evoke a serenity like no … [Read more...]

painting “cold crow” and meditation on loneliness

When you start speaking out for yourself… self-validating… you will be met with surprise. I knew when I started being honest about who I was and what I believed and didn't believe, I knew full well what the consequences were going to be.I was going to be left out in the cold.But it came at the perfect point when I was finally willing to pay the price. There does come a time when you realize that if you don't advocate for yourself, you will consign yourself to a lifetime of regret and sor … [Read more...]

in darkness and storm

(Prints are available here.)Sometimes we simply must weather the darkness and the storm.And sometimes, whether we like it or  not, we have to do it alone.This is as it should be, because this is as it is. … [Read more...]

painting: we await the storm

The personality of the universe! So incredibly diverse. Sometimes calm. Sometimes fierce.The storms that we face in our personal lives... where can we hide? Who can abide them?What if we faced them squarely? We might escape them just barely.But I live among survivors. Every one of them, a survivor.Like you. Like me.(The original is available!)  … [Read more...]

painting “the hills will hide me”

Buy my original art HERE.The only cure for loneliness is solitude. This is my companion. I go to the hills and hide myself there. The trees shelter me. I am contained within a wilderness, and the wilderness in my heart grows to match it. My heart is as spacious as the wild around me. Yes I'm alone. But I am good. I am very good. … [Read more...]

i am in darkness

Even in the darkness there is beauty. If you can see.Someone asked me to do a painting I did in watercolor to do the same thing in acrylic on canvas. This is what I came up with.Buy original art. … [Read more...]

the need to leave

(This original painting is available!)You've kept your place. You've held your ground. You've filled your space. You've stayed in bounds.But something calls. You know you must. You forsake all. You will be blessed.It's time to go. It's time to leave. This much you know: this is your peace.  … [Read more...]

new painting “degrees of separation”

This is a new commissioned painting I completed yesterday for a client who requested it. I have done many similar to this theme.What it speaks to me is the sense of nearness we have and yet the feeling of separation we sometimes feel. This is especially true of online relationships. I believe they can be incredibly valuable. But there are challenges to be recognized and overcome.One of the things that most people feel when they leave the church is loneliness. I have started a new online site … [Read more...]

northern lights evergreen

(This painting is available. CLICK HERE.)Night can be a scary place to be. Darkness is rarely welcomed.But I have seen some of the most amazing things at night.The crystal stars. And a few times, the northern lights.Majestic trees silhouetted against a brilliant sky.Each one singularly beautiful.Now, in darkness, I look for such things.   … [Read more...]

new Sophia “light”

ANNOUNCEMENT: All my Sophia originals are drastically reduced until Christmas! CLICK HERE.Well, it has been an interesting two and a half years since leaving the church. Let me tell you about it in a nutshell:In May 2009 I dreamed about a waterfall in which I saw that all things are One. I knew the unity of all things. It totally transformed my brain. An immediate and lasting peace came to my mind, and all my theological, philosophical, intellectual, as well as my existential, spiritual … [Read more...]