10 Reasons Why Leaving the Ministry is Difficult for Pastors

(*** Just a gentle reminder that all my art is 40% OFF this weekend ONLY. Just use the coupon code "halloween" when you're about to complete your purchase. SHOP HERE NOW!)I wrote the original post of this shortly after I left the ministry in 2010. It still applies. I frequently talk with pastors, and the struggle they endure is unbelievable. It's believable to me though because I experienced it and experience it still. I want to post this every once in a while as an encouragement and support … [Read more...]

be afraid be very afraid

This has been me. I distinctly remember going through periods of severe spiritual testing where I wasn't sure if I knew anything. I still had to get up there every week and open my mouth. I have come to learn since that admitting I don't know is a great place to start.The thing is... many people in the church feel this way. They are terrified. They don't know. They live with uncertainty. They dwell with doubt. Questions torment them day in and day out. But they don't have to open their … [Read more...]

breaking in the pastor or the church

This really does happen. I know this for a fact. How do I know? Because as a pastor this is what I used to think of new churches I was sent to serve. And the people of the church have told me outright that this is exactly their attitude is towards new pastors coming in.What if there was the attitude that we accept each other as we are? Appreciate one another as we are? Love one another as we are?This is very rare and therefore very precious.SHOP … [Read more...]


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show your struggle

If you haven't read Henri Nouwen's, The Wounded Healer, I recommend you do.****You can buy a print of this cartoon TODAY at 30% OFF: CLICK HERE**** … [Read more...]

once a pastor always a pastor

… those who believed themselves to have a vocation, a call, needed to reach a stage in their development when they knew that the constraint had not been quite of the kind they originally thought, but rather an inevitable outcome of their temperament, upbringing, and the particular problems they had (Monica Furlong, Merton, p. 334). I've appreciated that quote for years. At first I didn't because it challenged my super-spiritual belief in a supernatural call to the ministry. But after years of h … [Read more...]

vocational advice for ex-pastors

Earlier this month I wrote a post that received quite a bit of attention called, "Why It Is So Difficult For Pastors To Leave The Ministry". One of my points was "vocation". Today I want to write about this point specifically. I want to give some suggestions that pastors leaving the ministry can consider.Buffers: when I left the ministry I had the privilege, being a Canadian, of collecting my Employment Insurance benefits. It was a fraction of my salary, but it provided several months of … [Read more...]

unbelieving pastor

An honest exchange. And probably a fruitful one.It's so easy to go through the motions. Then suddenly something happens that forces you to do some serious self-analysis.This is the beginning of transformation.Get my books that are full of this kind of stuff, paper or Kindle: CLICK HERE! … [Read more...]

why it is so difficult for pastors to leave the ministry

I am a pastor who left the ministry. It was one of the most difficult decisions and transitions I ever made. It's not just a matter of changing one's career. It is much more complex than that.Here's why:money: Like any other career change, it is very frightening to let your salary go. Even if it might be an insufficient one, it is still difficult to let go of your guaranteed income. Most pastors have no idea how they will provide support for themselves and their families if they … [Read more...]

the best feature

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