what to do when they preach too long

I have a crazy Valentines sale on this weekend... 40% OFF ALL MY ARTWORK! Use coupon code "lovingme". SHOP NOW!I've heard some sermons where I wanted the preacher to continue.I've heard some sermons where I was like this kid... trying to figure out a way out.There's nothing wrong with being a good speaker! So many people are afraid of "tickling peoples' ears". But they forget that Jesus himself drew crowds.Hey! Have you heard of The Lasting Supper? Come join our online community! … [Read more...]

Feed, don’t eat, my sheep!

I know many people argue that the shepherd sheep analogy is no longer helpful. In many ways yes. In some ways no.I like good food. I don't like being devoured. There's a lot of nutritious food out there. Learn what is good for you. Avoid Christian cannibals.There is a place that I provide where we promise not to eat you and spit you out, but provide nourishing food for your spiritual journey with others. Think of joining The Lasting Supper. … [Read more...]

one pastor’s way to improve his church

I'll be honest. There were times when I thought the church would improve without a certain person.In fact, it's only happened a few times, but I've had to ask people to leave our online community The Lasting Supper because of bullying or abuse. It's rare though, thankfully.I'm sure pastors have felt their church improved as soon as I left. Or was removed.Whatever. This isn't meant to be serious. This is meant to be funny. This is an older cartoon that I've always liked, so I thought … [Read more...]

a pastor who wants to just stop

(Purchase a print of this cartoon, One of You.)Sometimes I feel the need to do a cartoon such as this one to show that I do not hate the church or despise pastors and congregations. I have an inexplicable love for the church, an abiding respect for the pastoral ministry, and an affectionate concern for members of a church.Some mistake my analysis of the church as disdain for it. Some mistake my critique of the pitfalls of pastoral ministry as a disgust for it. Some mistake my commentary … [Read more...]

from cross to comfort

Apparently loving everybody and having a universal compassion is risky business. People die over it.It seems we have a choice: love some and enjoy a compromised security. Or love everybody and live on the absolute edge.I enjoy communities that experiment with a global kind of love.MY ART … [Read more...]

how to beat people up without even touching them

I have been on a huge learning curve this last week. I've come to realize on a deeper level how significant a role shame plays in our culture, and especially our religious, spiritual and church culture.I was ordained in the Presbyterian Church in Canada in 1986 and began the ministry by pastoring three small rural churches. The sermons the people liked the best were the ones where I poured out my wrath upon them for not measuring up to my idea of what a Christian should be. They loved those … [Read more...]

the new and improved spiritual gifts

No kidding! Haha! I've actually heard different versions of this. For real. True story.It's more prevalent than you think. You know you've seen it. You know you've heard it. … [Read more...]

are you broken in?

Are you broken in by your pastor, leadership team and church? Don't answer yet.I was a pastor of local churches for about 30 years. I've also been a parent for 26 years. I've also been married for 33 years. So, I know what it means to try to control people. I do have to confess: I have tried to control people. Manage them. Manipulate them. Coerce them. I feel I am pretty self-aware and that I have always been interested in how to be a good pastor, a good father and a good husband. I've … [Read more...]

from the cross to the throne

I'm amazed at how many prominent pastors and spiritual leaders are obviously living in comfort… no problem with that… but without actually providing the help people need these days to grow and progress spiritually.The church is in trouble as it loses more and more people by the ton. I speak with more people now than ever who not only have left the church but people who have never been. They all feel the church does not provide what they need to grow. They almost always feel constricted int … [Read more...]

license to yell

Just like governments can gather personal information about you, the police can invade your privacy, and CEOs can treat you like a number, so religious leaders can use fear, shame and guilt to manipulate you.For many leaders in any field, they think their position provides them the permission, comes with the privilege and gives them the licence to maltreat others.This kid is learning early. Let's hope he does something about it. For his own sake. … [Read more...]