it is still difficult for pastors to leave the ministry

I wrote this a year ago. It still applies. I frequently talk with pastors, and the struggle they are enduring is unbelievable. It's believable to me though because I've experienced it and experience it still. This is what I wrote a year ago and I repost it in total because I would say the exact same thing today.I am a pastor who left the ministry. It was one of the most difficult decisions and transitions I ever made. It's not just a matter of changing one's career. It is much more complex … [Read more...]

Sarah and her Ativan

Has this happened to you?It has happened to me. More than once. Almost never a good thing. Not the Ativan, but the anxiety.Want to hear something strange? Whenever I see a cop or a patrol car my stomach sinks. It's just automatic. I don't know why. My dad was a cop for his entire career. So I know that there are good cops. But I still have this wave of anxiety wash over me when I see one. If I end up in an encounter with one, well then the anxiety elevates to a new level. Why? Because it … [Read more...]

pastors who don’t believe in God

I listened to an amazing Tapestry show on CBC radio yesterday called Pastors Who Don't Believe in God (click on the link to listen to an audio of the interview). It was very moving to listen to "Adam" (not his real name), an American pastor who's voice was disguised and details slightly changed to protect his identity. I don't want to give away too much, but you don't have to agree with everything they say. The bottom line is that so many people are going through a crisis of belief, faith and … [Read more...]

devil’s top 10

"Remember that the nearer a man comes to the truth, the more sensitive he must become to error" (The Cloud of Unknowing).Pastors, priests, imams, rabbis, etc., all have the wonderful privilege of serving, caring for, teaching and guiding people.But these same roles can also provide some with the conditions for controlling, harming, duping and misleading people. Some find these positions empowering and render them with feelings of entitlement.The scriptures warn those who teach.Because … [Read more...]

size matters

Years ago when I was planting a church, I met another young, energetic pastor who was planting another one in the same town. I think our respective denominations must've read the report on cities and towns most receptive to the idea of new churches and sent us there at the same time. I started and proceeded organically, forming relationships with people and quietly letting it be known we were there.But this guy... we met for coffee often... he had it all down to a science. Literally. He had it … [Read more...]

cartoon: pastors & dogs counterparts

This is a kindly joke. Pastor: which one are you? Member: which one is your pastor? Maybe have a small group about it. I've been all of them, depending on my particular state of mind. There are others I could have included, but hey, there's only so much room. You can buy a print of this cartoon here. Great gift! … [Read more...]