new Sophia drawing “pioneer”

Sophia "Pioneer": (Buy the original drawing. Or buy a print.)This image "Pioneer" partners with my One Minute Message on Youtube from the other day, "In Praise of Pioneers" (click here to watch it).Our brave Sophia is a pioneer. She is separating herself from the mainstream, symbolized here by the forest, the community of trees. She simply must navigate her own spiritual path, blaze her own trail and find her own spiritual home or she will never find her happiness.It's been over two years … [Read more...]

be the pioneer you are called to be

All the heroes of the faith, at some point, broke away from the norm, the crowd, the established, to become pioneers, to find their own spiritual property, build their own spiritual homes, to become caretakers of their own spirituality.Some are happy just going along with the flow, upholding the faith and maintaining the institution of their religion. They are happy to live and die in the arms of their inherited religion, belief, faith and spirituality. They are a stable blessing to the world. … [Read more...]