the real hunger games

I read The Hunger Games. I'm looking forward to the movie coming out next month.Really, the story does reflect the present, not the distant future.Own the original drawing.Buy a print of this cartoon.Check out┬ámy books that are full of cartoons. … [Read more...]

bear trap

Sometimes we can think very critically about certain things and comprehend very complex issues. But then when it comes to something like this, we sometimes can tend to think very superficially and simplistically.I've been in relationship with so many people in trouble, and I've been there myself more than once. It's never as simple as it looks. We can't point to all those on the street and say they are lazy trouble makers. It's not as simple as just getting a job. The story behind a person … [Read more...]

The Four Spiritual Flaws

Wall Street is crooked and has destroyed many lives. I suspect we all know it. It's just that some believe that no good justifies any bad means, while others believe bad means sometimes are needed to achieve good ends.Like these two suits. It's obvious they have money. But they deflect attention from the real issue with words. Therefore these words have become just that... words... words that are empty, useless and destructive.Laws have become flaws.Visit my online gallery to acquire my … [Read more...]

what would Jesus earn?

I want to share with you one of the biggest issues I struggle with:moneyMany years ago I made a vow of poverty. You can read more about the story here. I developed this value that money and spirituality don't and shouldn't mix. I chose to believe that money dilutes the purity of the message. Spending over 25 years in the ministry, which often relishes a poverty mentality, only fortified this belief. Actually, the belief or opinion was hammered so deeply that it has become a matter of … [Read more...]

Money Confession

I am going to make a confession. Will you be my confessor?I want to share a certain struggle I have had for most of my life. It's about money. It has come to the surface because I find it difficult to charge people money when they seek me for the pastoral counseling services I've just recently started providing.Years ago, when I was just around 25 years old, I had what was probably my most significant spiritual trauma. I was in ministry and I was very abrupt and rude with a poor street … [Read more...]