asking for something that’s already here

A good father doesn't want his children to beg. Ever. A good mother doesn't require her kids to plead before she delivers basic necessities... like her presence.If we train people to believe that they lack something, especially a basic need, and that you have the remedy, but that it requires them to perpetually apply to get it, like a lottery, then you've got a life-time customer. Right?So I drew this cheesy little cartoon to illustrate the fact that this poor worship leader is begging … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: local

Last night I made a couple of posts on Twitter and Facebook, etc., that raised quite a stir, like "Some atheists are the best Christians I know", and "Embrace your inner atheist. After all, iron sharpens iron", and "Did you know it is possible to be a Christian and an atheist at the same time? I'm living proof!" Lots of responses ranging from agreement to disagreement to confusion.I'm sure today's prayer from the cell will only exacerbate these different reactions.So I plan on writing a post … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: full silence

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need a friend?

Are you lonely? Do you need a friend? When I left the ministry a couple of years ago, we were lonely overnight. I know what loneliness feels like.Something Lisa and I have discovered is that you have to start exactly where you are. You have to start with yourself. Befriend yourself first. Be a friend first. Then reach out. Friends are there waiting.How do I know? Because everyone else is saying the same thing: "I need a friend." … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: loving the rest

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a new meditation posture

I like this new posture. The right hand is peaceful and receptive. The left hand is defiant and non-conformist.I think this is a good way to be.Buy a print of this cartoon! … [Read more...]

2 rooms 2 theologies

When I pastored churches I spent a lot of time in hospitals visiting the sick. This happened so many times. It has also happened in my own life. In the face of this paradoxical mystery, easy answers sound as ridiculous as they are. … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: with Gotye

I love Gotye's song.This prayer from the cell can be taken many ways. Here's a few options:Does it mean, flatly, that I no longer believe in God? Or, does it mean that the god I used to know is no longer a viable one, that it was more like an idol, no where near matching the actual God? Or, does it mean that God broke up with me, left me, abandoned me, and that I simply don't know him anymore because he's gone? Or, does it mean that I used to think I actually knew God, but the deeper I … [Read more...]

free print SPEAK TO ME!

**Buy any artwork from my gallery and I will give you a free print of this "SPEAK TO ME" cartoon.**God is everywhere or nowhere. There is no difference.CLICK HERE FOR THIS FREE PRINT OFFER!! … [Read more...]

send and receive

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