If only prayer was this easy!

Get a high quality reproduction of this cartoon shipped to you!I've heard all these prayer requests. Heck, I've used some of them myself.Some might be wondering what money has to do with it. Have you been to church lately?We don't live in a world of magic where if we just say the perfect words and offer the perfect sacrifice we get anything we want.We talk a lot about prayer... what we used to believe and what we think about it now. Come join the conversation at The Lasting … [Read more...]

can being used lead to being abused?

Several people forwarded David Henson's post, "I Am Not a Drug: Why God Isn't in the Business of Using People". They said it reminded them of me. I appreciate it when people do that. Immediately I saw a cartoon. So here it is.Here's a quote from Henson's post: "The problem with understanding God’s active presence in the world in terms of using humans is that it robs people of their agency, their humanity, their very image of God. It turns creative and thinking people into a fistful of t … [Read more...]

prayer as gossip

Sometimes praying is more like prying.Be careful what you share at prayer meetings.The offer of intimate fellowship is intoxicating and can make you confess things you may regret later. If you confess anything about your lack of faith, finances, sexuality, questions… chances are that others will miraculously find out about it. Or, if the confessions are serious enough it may cost you the level of privilege that you now enjoy. Some people will not be able to help holding it against you. I … [Read more...]

does the church have exclusive right of access?

Some assert that the only way to God is through the church.Some would theologize that the church is Christ's body, and that Christ is the mediator between God and people, so those in Christ would be in the church, and to be outside the church is to be outside of Christ.Some would insist that you cannot find God without Christ and that the church is the best guide to finding Christ and therefore finding God.Some cannot imagine a spirituality outside of an organization.I admire and … [Read more...]

do you get tired of clichés?

I've been thinking a lot about clichés because when I scroll through Facebook I get overwhelmed with how many are posted there and how many likes they get.The thing about a cliché is that it is born out of someone's experience and wisdom. They are words that emerged out of the crucible of suffering, temptation, testing, sacrifice, love, patience, lots of hard work and insight.So I'm going to use the Top 10 Spiritual Clichés. Let's start with this one attributed to Hopi elders: “We are th … [Read more...]

inspired manipulation

Just imagine hanging this print in your office! Haha! That would start some conversation! No?Here's a fascinating verse for you: "to the pure you show yourself pure, but to the crooked you show yourself deceitful" (Psalm 18:26). Oh the wealth that could be drawn from that sentence alone! The wise writer knew a fundamental truth: there is a direct correlation between your condition and your conception of your god. Have you thought about the possibility that your ideas about your god are a … [Read more...]

i love you too much

Love changes people, but it doesn't intend to.If you get a sniff of an agenda in what's being called love, run in the other direction please. Because that's not love.You are beautiful, amazing and fascinating as you are. You are loved as you are. Period!I've experienced it and seen it: when you realize you are overwhelmingly loved as you are, just as you are, with no ulterior motive to change you, the transformation is an amazing and happy one. You rest in yourself.It actually … [Read more...]