be afraid be very afraid

This has been me. I distinctly remember going through periods of severe spiritual testing where I wasn't sure if I knew anything. I still had to get up there every week and open my mouth. I have come to learn since that admitting I don't know is a great place to start.The thing is... many people in the church feel this way. They are terrified. They don't know. They live with uncertainty. They dwell with doubt. Questions torment them day in and day out. But they don't have to open their … [Read more...]

chewing our cud

Animals chew their cud to make their food more and more digestible. The mind can be like this... constantly regurgitating the same old stuff over and over again to make it more digestible and easier to swallow. The mind loves and craves safety, comfort and security. It always prefers to resort to what it already knows.The challenge is to be transformed by the renewing of the mind. Our charter is to become a new creation.Questions are one of the most effective ways of disturbing the swampy … [Read more...]

teaching then and now

It's exhausting listening to some of the preaching and teaching out there today. If there's anything clear from scripture it's that people didn't have a clue. At least that initiated some pretty interesting thought and discussion. Not that we want to go back there.But at least... where's the Mystery?my prints                                        my books … [Read more...]

sermon preparation and milk

I was a pastor for over 25 years. I know the struggle of teaching on a regular basis. Pastors are usually very busy taking care of their people. Most have difficulty finding the time to study, pray, read, meditate, think and write. Others don't even care. Some don't know the difference between milk and meat. Milk needs no prep. Sometimes you can just warm it up a bit. Meat, however... Which reminds me: I grill a mean steak! But I have served milk. Ashamed to say.In any case, I see this pastor … [Read more...]

preaching platitudes

Platitudes are like an air-borne virus that threatens to infect us.We need to understand this virus. We must protect ourselves against it.Once you've learned how to detect it, it's easy after that. You build an immune system that will defend you.But look out... once you have the virus it overtakes you rapidly and you will tend to infect others very quickly.Check out my BOOKS that address issues like this one with cartoons and writing. … [Read more...]

bad dream

I am quite certain that every pastor, minister, priest, imam, rabbi, preacher, teacher... etc... has experienced this. It is terrifying to question your beliefs. It's doubly so when you are expected to teach those questioned beliefs.For some it is episodic. For others it is chronic.Like I tweeted last night: Asking yourself "Do I still really believe?" is one of the most daring, courageous and necessary questions you can ask yourself. ****************I provide transition support. If you … [Read more...]

nightmare confession

Imagine! How will Bill preach this morning?Probably with a lot more humility and tentativeness. His "boldness", rather than grounded in his presumptuous pontifications, will be grounded more in the certainty of a profound Mystery and a fathomless Compassion for all.He will now see that Truth is a destination he is travelling toward rather than a base from which he launches attacks.Buy a print of this cartoon. Own the original drawing. I published a book of my cartoons!, … [Read more...]

gum balls for brains

I had this picture in a dream I had a while ago after I read a modern theology book. It was disappointing because the author just spit out one formulaic theological cliché after another. There wasn't one original thought. It was like a cheap gum ball machine. I don't like gum.Why is it that when we fall into a theological position we fall in love with it and totally lose ourselves in it? From then on all our thoughts and words stream out of this secondary mind like ticker tape. I ask myself … [Read more...]

cartoon: filling the terrible void

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The God Who Pulls Me Down

I just met with my leadership team. I confessed to them that I've been having a really hard time preaching. I need to take a time of silence... from preaching that is. Every once in a while I feel like I'm being pulled deeper, deeper, deeper, into the unknown and the uncertain. It isn't a pleasant experience. It is terrifying. It is painful. It is necessary. So when I'm gulping for familiar air and there's none coming, that is not the time for me to stand before others and pretend I have … [Read more...]