Unrelenting Pressure

In an age when we are constantly bombarded with advertising, vision statements, and goal-oriented living, wouldn't it be nice to find maybe one or two hours a week when you could gather together with other people without these pressures?I think so.One thing I do as a pastor is allow space that is totally free of these constant unrelenting pressures. Even such noble pressures as spiritual ones are just as deadly, if not deadlier. I would meditate on grace and love, believing that the power of … [Read more...]

Do Not Try To Change Me

Is it possible for there to be religious communities that don't demand change from their members? Can a church, synagogue, mosque or temple‚Ķ any place where the religious gather in community‚Ķ still exist without desiring, expecting or pressuring their people to change?The urgency of change is incumbent upon me and me only. But this only comes about when I see that this is so and so change. I may receive assistance. But in the end I will be transformed by me changing my own mind.We may read fr … [Read more...]