how to execute a question

The world is overrun with exclamations!! So many exclamations!!! They are taking over the world!!!! They are dominating conversations and turning them into rants!!!!!!!!!! People are scared to raise a question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So many people I know have been executed just because they asked a very good question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Own the original drawing!!!!!!!!!!! Or, buy a print of this … [Read more...]

an unnecessary match made

AN UNNECESSARY MATCH: (buy a print of this cartoon-->click here)The bible and questions belong together. Even the bible itself is full of questions. Unanswered ones too. Religion without questions is tyranny. And stupid. And loveless.But too many would see the bible and questions as enemies.It's an unnecessary match made.I have 2 books of cartoons, paper or Kindle: CLICK HERE. … [Read more...]

you have to ask the question

I'm not saying there is no god. But you have to enter the dark winter and ask yourself that question. I'm not saying your holy book is the meaningless chatter of fantasy. But you have to enter the dark winter and ask yourself that question. I'm not saying life has no meaning. But you have to enter the dark winter and ask yourself that question.I have no idea how long your dark winter will be. I suppose it depends on your courage and the sincerity of your question. I suppose it depends on … [Read more...]

gay question

I have no idea what this means... other than this:This character has two strikes against it: it's a question, and it's gay.Acquire the original drawing. Or buy a print of this cartoon. … [Read more...]

teaching then and now

It's exhausting listening to some of the preaching and teaching out there today. If there's anything clear from scripture it's that people didn't have a clue. At least that initiated some pretty interesting thought and discussion. Not that we want to go back there.But at least... where's the Mystery?my prints                                        my books … [Read more...]

fear of the question

For some, even the smallest question can feel threatening.These exclamation marks... towers of certitude... are terrified of this tiny question.They intuitively know that it can completely undermine their dogmatism.You can get a print of this cartoon as well as many others here. … [Read more...]

crucify the question

Jesus represented a question no one could bear. So they crucified it.We still do.For Easter weekend, all my artwork is 50% OFF!! Click -->HERE … [Read more...]

a question has been hatched

Oops! Mrs. Exclamation didn't realize that Mr. Question carried the dominant gene. Recessive, maybe. But dominant nevertheless.I'm slowly building up a repertoire of question cartoons. I want enough to publish a book of them. Hopefully soon. I will include an essay on the importance of questions in spiritual growth, maturity and wisdom.MY ART                 MY BOOKS … [Read more...]

question everything

Question absolutely everything! Questions are a most excellent way of dismantling our present illusions and opening the mind to new dimensions of thought and even wisdom.If something cannot withstand the question then it doesn't deserve to stand.Question everything, despite the cost!GALLERY                 BOOKS … [Read more...]

firing squad

I had this picture of a question mark standing before a firing squad. That was my first thought... the simple persecution of questions by the brutal regime of exclamations.But then, just like a movie, I saw the question refusing to be blindfolded. Perfect.Because that's how questions can be: courageous, brave, daring, risk-taking, facing the facts or the bitter truth.Exclamations, assertions, declarations, often can't handle the question. They put them down.A wise person once told me to … [Read more...]