an infestation

Just yesterday I heard from three different readers of nakedpastor who were told the following in a church setting: "You're not allowed to ask that question. Please move on." "Questioning your beliefs is dangerous and God will punish you for it." "How dare you ask that question!" Some see questions as an illegitimate disease. Others see it as a legitimate dis-ease. Using your mind to investigate something can turn the idea you're exploring into your own.The more questions the better. I … [Read more...]

don’t wait until it’s too late

I shared this on The Lasting Supper and I thought I'd share it with you guys as well.I've developed a workshop on questions. I show my many cartoons on powerpoint while I talk about what I think are different questions. I use the analogy of a doorway with hinges to represent the three kinds of questions:closed: These questions have yes or no answers. They are the questions with simple answers that children love. Is there a God? Is there a heaven? Am I saved? Did Jonah really get … [Read more...]

Jesus Questions

Purchase the original drawing or a print of this cartoon!If Jesus is the answer, why'd he have so many questions? Could it be that questions are the answer? (The title of one of my next book projects!) … [Read more...]

question exclamations

Purchase the original drawing or a print of this cartoon! … [Read more...]

exorcising the question

I've attended a lot of exorcisms. I've seen a lot of very strange human behavior.Questions are very important to me. They are crucial for wisdom and spiritual health.Ask them!Purchase the original drawing, or get a print of this cartoon! … [Read more...]

one too many questions

Oh, it's okay to ask mundane questions. Questions that don't mean anything. Harmless questions. "How many days was Jonah is the belly of the whale?" "What must I do to be saved?" "How can I serve you?" I'm not talking about those kinds of questions.I'm talking about questions that threaten the status quo, the establishment, popular belief, or the endorsed course of action. Like some of the questions I've asked in the past that have gotten me in trouble: "Why is premarital sex a sin?" "Why is … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: just questions

Sometimes questions are all we have.But I have discovered that this is a good thing. Very good. Open questions open the mind. It resonates more with The Mystery. I have found the most peace, an incredible and indescribable serenity, living with questions.Questions are my most loyal and helpful companions on my spiritual journey. … [Read more...]

refugee questions

The questions have been gathered up and collected in a refugee camp on the outskirts of civilization. Who will release them to live among us, to be loved, and to have an equal voice in our world?Hear their voice! Release them! Before they become extinct.Own the original drawing! Or buy a print of this cartoon.Check out my books. … [Read more...]

nakedpub tuesday night!

We are having another nakedpub this coming Tuesday night, March 20 from 8-10pm, in Fredericton, NB, Canada at the Capital Complex. Click -->HERE <-- for details and directions.My theme is going to be Dare to Question.Spread the word! See you there! … [Read more...]

The Dark Forest of Questions

To walk the path of life honestly one must enter the dark forest of questions.You may or may not come out of it alive. But you will certainly come out changed.I encourage you to enter. I have found that there is actually an abundance of life there.In fact, I have made my home here.Do you need to talk? Just email me to set up an appointment.Check out my books and my art. … [Read more...]