the church should be the safest place for question

Last night 7 people representing the LGBTQ community from New Direction with Wendy VanderWal Gritter came to my house, and along with some local friends we had over 20 people stuffed into my living room. We had wine and ordered in pizza. They arrived at 5:30pm and I expected them to stay only a few hours but it was almost 11pm by the time they left. It was an amazing evening full of deep discussion, tears and laughter. The love and sense of community was so thick you could cut it with a … [Read more...]

Cartoon Tribute to Dallas Willard

Dallas Willard passed away with cancer today at the age of 77. I've always liked Willard. Especially his book, Divine Conspiracy. But when I was reading some biographical material on him today, I now like him a lot more.Many of his peers were disturbed by his openness to ambiguity and he was often labeled a universalist and a man who slipped into open theology or process theology. It began as a child with his insatiable "why" questions and continued into his teens when he gave his teachers a … [Read more...]

leave your questions at the door please

So many people would still be in the church if they were allowed to process their questions openly without fear. Why churches generally discourage questions is obvious. If you haven't read my post on "Questions Not Permitted", click here.The bible itself advocates the importance of growth and progress. It is full of stories of people moving out of their present container into new frontiers.The history of the church and her saints illustrate the same, including St. John of the Cross who … [Read more...]

questions not permitted

Here are ten questions starting with the most benign and ending with the most dangerous. Ask at your own peril.How can I help? May I be excused to go to the bathroom? What books am I allowed to read? If the bible says Jonah was swallowed by a fish, why do we say whale? Why is the bible so full of contradictions? Why can't you prove to me that there is a god? Why does me being a woman prevent me from teaching. Can I teach your children in Sunday school even though I'm … [Read more...]

i eat questions for breakfast

It takes courage to ask tough questions. First of all it takes courage with yourself... to be honest with yourself. Then, secondly, it takes courage with others because thinking independently is risky. I think most of you who read my blog are acutely aware of this, having learned from experience.Be a champion! Never stop raising the question. Ask the questions that need to be asked! Eat questions for breakfast!MY PRINTS and MY ORIGINALS … [Read more...]

stuck or soaring

Questions lead to transformation.Answers don't.Because transformation isn't the fruit of thought.Acquire my art HERE … [Read more...]