keep your big mouth shut

There have been many times in my church career when opening my big mouth has led to my departure. The first time I was naive and challenged something thinking that someone would care. The next time I was less naive but still nervous that I wouldn't be heard. The next time after that I absolutely knew that opening my mouth about an issue would lead to my dismissal.It had even been suggested to me that I should run all my thoughts and cartoons and writing through my superiors before publishing … [Read more...]

no pity party

Well, the rant is already embedded in the cartoon. You get my meaning.I get served pity every day. I don't want it. And I don't need it. Actually, I'm healthier and happier than I've ever been.For example, some people have a misconception about the membership of my other site, The Lasting Supper. They think the hundreds of members there are composed of people wounded by the church. Sure, we've all been hurt by the church at some time or other. That's beside the point. All the members … [Read more...]