Will theological men share the microphone with women?

There is an online theological conference taking place right now called The Nines. Out of 120 speakers, only 4 are women. That's about 2%.Rachel Held Evans had something to say about that in Twitter but was slapped down at the speed of light.So when a woman protests it's called a meltdown.And Stephanie Drury has skills in pointing out the hypocrisy.Sometimes I wonder if we've found reverse.Purchase the original drawing of this cartoon. … [Read more...]

Rachel Held Evans, Liars and Babies for Brains

It seems seldom to me that someone says something so stupid so clearly that you can quote them in one sentence. Let me give you some background.Rachel Held Evans wrote a post "If My Son or Daughter Were Gay". I found the post moving and fair. Rachel has a strict comment policy: "Please stay positive with your comments. If your comment is rude, it gets deleted. If it is critical, please make it constructive. If you are constantly negative or a general ass, troll, or hater, you will get … [Read more...]

Freebie Friday 3 Rachel Held Evans Books

Stephanie from Thomas Nelson Publishers contacted me yesterday to tell me they saw my cartoon yesterday and liked it. So she offered to let me give away 3 of Rachel's books.¬†How cool is that? I give away all kinds of books from across the theological spectrum that contribute to the questions.All you have to do to enter the draw is:Make a comment on this post! (even just "Hi!") Sign up for my daily newsletter. (You'll receive my free daily cartoon in your mail inbox every morning!)*The … [Read more...]