indiscriminate rain

The rain pours down from the heavens, making everyone and everything that lies beneath it wet with its being. Of course, you can position yourself inside under a funnel and imagine that you are the only one receiving it. That you are special. That you are the only one except for those who gather there with you. But you're not. Are you? For the rain falls on all. All beings. All things. It aimlessly falls on everyone and everything. And it doesn't simply fall from the … [Read more...]

some feel the rain

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. (Bob Marley) When I heard this beautiful little quote the other day it inspired me to paint another crow in the rain. This one is atop an old birch tree and the rain is falling straight down on him. Actually the crow is a huge spiritual symbol in my life. My love for them came first.It also caused me to become reflective and wonder how well I handle discomfort.Purchase the original painting, or purchase a print … [Read more...]

exposing yourself

Something I learned to do years ago was to expose myself to the elements. Feel them in all their intensity! Experience them in all their fullness. Like this man walking in the cool rain in the darkness of night, I allow myself the entire experience.Actually, this attitude toward the elements was inspired by a story I read about Krishnamurti. An artist named Beatrice Wood talk with Krishnamurti about her jealousy. His response was something like... All right, we're all jealous. Don't try not to … [Read more...]

don’t reject the love

Don't do this.Don't be this person.Buy the original drawing!Buy a print of this drawing!Check out my books that are full of my drawings: CLICK HERE! … [Read more...]

Our God Reigns

Sometimes when singing worship songs my mind would play tricks on me. Like with this song. It's not a bad trick in this case. Bad spelling, interesting spin.But sometimes tricks like this can ruin a song. Like the time one of our worship leaders, instead of singing (in the spirit of John the disciple's friendship with Jesus), "Let me lay my head upon your breast", sang, "Let me lay my breast upon your head." We lost it! We could never sing that song again.Acquire the original drawing. Buy a … [Read more...]

Illustration: “Poise” watercolor painting

This is a painting I worked on all this morning. It is a large watercolor, 20"x30" (51cm x 76cm). I'm entering it in this week's Illustration Friday submission, "Poise". If you want it, it's available here in my online art gallery, my etsy store!Also, my tees are available HERE. … [Read more...]