reactions to your coming out

You must expect, when you finally decide to show your true colors, to come out (not just sexually), to reveal who you really are, the following reactions from the herd you are exposing yourself among:Revulsion: Actually a better word may be fear. When we are confronted by something we don't understand, usually our first reaction is fear. What is strange to us we are afraid of because we have no idea how to control it, manage it or manipulate it. It is threatening to us. Some of the people who … [Read more...]

Fear of Rejection

I want to share with you one of the major differences in my life since I left the professional ministry. It became very clear to me while I was on my trip to Haiti. I landed in Miami and went to the hotel where the team was going to meet. We would all fly to Haiti together the next morning. But I noticed myself getting nervous before I met the rest of the team.I now know what it was: I'd tried to be as open on my blog as possible. Naked. People have commend me for being so transparent. But I … [Read more...]

cartoon: wwjd lgbt

Sorry. I don't know what happened. When I posted my new post on rejection it somehow replaced this morning's cartoon. This was commissioned by Wendy Gritter for New Direction Ministries for a DVD cover. … [Read more...]