new Sophia drawing “release”

We have an expression in our house that we use almost daily: "Let it go… like a balloon… let it go!"It is so difficult to let things go. It is difficult to let friends go. Your loved ones. Your pet. Your job. Your house. Your church. Your religion. Your faith. So many things. It is difficult to let things go.But what is the most difficult thing to let go? What about our anger? What about our fear? What about our resentments? What about our griefs? What about our disappointments?Sophia is le … [Read more...]

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FIRST CARTOON BOOK nakedpastor 101 RELEASED!This is the first edition of cartoon my 101 best black and white cartoons. It includes 10 cartoons never before seen on his blog. After numerous requests for a book to be published, the day has finally arrived! You can order the book or download it now from this site!WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING?"What another creative communicator did with parables, David Hayward does with cartoons… I'm a big fan!" Brian McLaren"David Hayward does what cartoonists do … [Read more...]