rare picture of Jesus with his imaginary friend

So much of the love goes only one way.The relationship between the church, Christians and Jesus has always been problematic.I'm passionately interested in it.***THE LASTING SUPPER ONLINE COMMUNITY … [Read more...]

does religion inflict suffering then offer the cure?

I saw this quote by Jon Stewart: "Religion: It's given people hope in world torn apart by religion." I can hear somebody now saying that we just need to give people Jesus. But I suggest you can't just give anybody Jesus because you aren't just delivering the product but the packaging. As soon as you touch it, it changes into something else with it's own wrapping, instructions, expiry date, outlets and price.Some like to say that this is the way it should be: preach the law to convict … [Read more...]

is this the street you live on?

Short answer: Yes!But you can change your address if you:Know you can. Want to. Find the courage. Do it.Let me know your new address. … [Read more...]

the kiss of Judas and religion

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color conversion

The mind is quick to latch on to easy answers, quick solutions, clear and reliable facts. It feeds on statements, data, and exclamations that confirm it's own right to live and establish it's right to rule. It tends to think black and white, and therefore imputes onto the world a black and white standard. You see what you think.Questions open up the mind to mystery. They undermine the mind's attempts to close itself in. They explode categories, boundaries and rules and invite you into a world … [Read more...]

religion is fear

Religion is fear. The institutions of religion capitalize on fear. And we capitulate. To justify and tame our fear we spiritualize it, theologize it, and institutionalize it in order for us to feel protected from it. But this strategy only empowers it further.I know someone will say, "True religion is this: to help the widow and the orphan!" But then that's not religion. Is it?! No, it's just basic kindness. Even in the story of Jesus when he talks about the sheep and the goats, he is quoted … [Read more...]

don’t start another religion

(Many original cartoon drawings and prints are available, including this one! Email me if interested. Original drawings are $100 and prints are $25 plus shipping.)It is better to see that religions are various perspectives on interpreting Reality and Truth rather than becoming the slave of one. … [Read more...]