snow and the indestructibility of Jesus

Buy a print of this cartoon for just $16!They will destroy Jesus.He will build it again in 3 days.When spring comes Jesus will evaporate into Heaven.Jesus will return next winter. … [Read more...]

Marcus Borg, Tony Jones and the body of Jesus

The angel Michael and Satan argued over the body of Moses (Jude 9). The church continues to debate over the body of Jesus. As I think it should.Last week Tony Jones wrote his opinion of Marcus Borg's theology of the resurrection. Marcus Borg says that Jones misrepresented what he said and believes. Jones came back with his own clarification and defense. Borg responded, concluding that they simply do not agree on the physical material resurrection of the body of Jesus.It's an … [Read more...]

lazarus on the life channel

I find the story of Lazarus amazing. The one detail I like most about the story is that Lazarus was raised from the dead in chapter 11. Then in 12: 10 it says that the Pharisees were trying to figure out a way to kill him. He was too great a testimony to Jesus.I mean, come on! Lazarus died once already, and there are people who want to kill him all over again. Once wasn't enough?Which reminds me of life. Just when you get back up there's always something to put you back into the ground … [Read more...]

jesus messes with the food

No, this isn't in the bible. But it makes a good story, doesn't it?I suppose if this were today and Jesus was resurrecting people, his handlers might want his campaign to be able to assert, "This has not been tested on animals."So much for turkey dinner.Buy original art! … [Read more...]