Rob Bell’s Hell

I did this cartoon when Rob Bell first came out with Love Wins. I was amazed by how much press he got, including negative press. I thought of Bell and how much stress and strain that would cause a person.Then he comes out with another book, What We Talk About When We Talk About God, and he gets the same thing all over again. Not surprised. But it is still a fascinating subject for me observing all the activity around this.Lots of people are talking about it, including Tony Jones, Doug … [Read more...]

a critique of David Fitch’s critique of Rob Bell

I find David E. Fitch's post about Rob Bell interesting. You can also read Tony Jones' response to it. Even though one might initially suppose Fitch questions Bell's affirmation of gay marriage, what he really takes issue with is Bell's lack of accountability: More and more I'm seeing Christian leaders who have no congregation/people they're accountable to (who yet carry media/publishing driven leadership) create division with pronouncements. Fitch says that more and more he's seeing, … [Read more...]

cartoon: Bell envy

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cartoon: Rob Bell’s Real Hell

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cartoon: Rob Hell

So Rob Bell is in the news being raked over the coals because of his ideas. It inspired this cartoon. If anyone knows Rob Bell, please pass this on to him. I'd love for him to see this:Origen: c. 185-254, distinguished Egyptian scholar and theologian in the early church; largely responsible for collecting Christian writings which became the New Testament; taught in and revived the Catechetical School of Alexandria where Clement of Alexandria had taught; produced a corrected Septuagint; wrote … [Read more...]