Father Andrew Greeley died: a tribute cartoon

Father Andrew Greeley died yesterday.Roman Catholic priest. Prophet. Defender of women. Theologian. Social critic. Child advocate. Author of novels with sex scenes. Church critic on issues such as birth control, preaching, youth, lay people, women and church leadership. Exuberantly combative, he could be scathing about the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops; at one point he described them as “morally, intellectually and religiously bankrupt.” If the church wanted “to salvage American Catholi … [Read more...]

the pope versus the vatican

This is what it looks like in spite of all the apologetics that are going on surrounding the pope's declaration that even atheists are redeemed and the vatican explaining what he should have meant.My theory is that the cardinals felt it was important to have a more down to earth pope, a man more in touch with real men and women, and less of an intellectual churchman like Benedict is.It is appropriate that he is named Francis, after Saint Francis... a simple, humble man of the earth in … [Read more...]

even atheists are redeemed… NOT!

There was quite a buzz last week when Pope Francis said that even atheists could be redeemed.So atheists were not only redeemed, but also impressed.But it wasn't too long before a Vatican spokesman came out with a corrective: people who know about the Catholic church can't be saved if they refuse to enter it or remain in it.It just proves again that we aren't just dealing with people, but also with systems. Even the most powerful and influential Christian in the world, the pope, is … [Read more...]