Transformation to Freedom

Probably the best book on marriage is David Schnarch's, Passionate Marriage. Here's just one quote: Crucibles are always interlocking. When one partner goes into his crucible, the other partner goes into hers– or gets out of the marriage. I apply this to any relationship, including yours with the church or any community. Your life task, if you choose to accept it, is to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. If your relationship with a community is increasingly strained by your t … [Read more...]

Silence and Crucibles of Change

I'm feeling kind of quiet these days... again! I'm lying low. Or trying to. In spite of my attempts to be quiet, the is the never ending suffering of those around me. And I, to a degree, suffer myself.Marriages of my friends are breaking up at an alarming rate. It is epidemic, shall we say. And, as usual, our own marriage is being stretched as Lisa and I try to learn to grow as individuals while staying in love and in close proximity. You see, this is always the problem: how to grow personally … [Read more...]