Why Christian conferences are sexist.

Denny Burk asks the simple question, Are Christian Conferences Sexist. He asks this question in response to Jonathan Merritt's post, Are Christian Conferences Sexist? 'The Nines' Controversy Prompts Reflection.Merritt calls The Nines fiasco of having only 4 women speakers out of over 110 speakers "flat out embarrassing" and a "blunder".Burk's argument is that ministries who believe that women should not teach men should be left alone. They are simply trying to obey scripture, which Burk … [Read more...]

women leaders we apparently need to avoid

I want to comment on an article on Charisma Magazine's website. It is called Six Women Leaders To Avoid written by Lee Grady. Grady has his own website, The Mordecai Project, a site for his Christian ministry devoted to healing, protecting and empowering women around the world. He calls himself an advocate for women and desires to see them set free into Christian leadership. His mission is clearly summed up in this sentence: "… I am not giving up in my resolve to see an army of gifted, trained w … [Read more...]