cannibal lambs

I remember when this first came out a couple years ago. It caused quite a stir. I asked myself why. It's certainly because it strikes close to home. I think it's true.Has this happened to you? … [Read more...]

sheep and headphones

What more can be said?Lots more could be heard. If we would have ears to hear.The bible can obstruct Truth.Own the original drawing.Buy a print of this cartoon.Check out my books that are full of cartoons. … [Read more...]

separating sheep from goats

When I first drew this cartoon several years ago, I wanted to portray how so many people indirectly condemn people to judgment and to hell. Such as some people would never tell a gay person they are going to hell to their face. But they will say gay people are going to hell. Keeping it general somehow seems less personal. Even though it's not. Put yourself in the goats' hooves.But then there are others who just outright tell people that's where they're going. Now it seems more cool to be more … [Read more...]

FREEBIE FRIDAY: Taylor Muse music download

Merry Christmas everyone! Another Freebie Friday! Today I am giving away, thanks to Taylor Muse and his band Quiet Company, a free music download. Quiet Company is offering 6 songs of their new album, "We Are All Where We Belong" absolutely free! (see the record cover below!)All you have to do is CLICK HERE and download it for free.If you want the whole record, you can get it now for just $5! CLICK HERE to go to that site. (Go here to listen to clips of their songs. I'm sure you'll love … [Read more...]

Jesus Kills

It took a while for Jesus to comprehend his significance.He just couldn't catch on to the idea that he was the intersection of ages.He felt the urge to sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice. Sheep scattered. Lambs languished.Then, as he grew up, the horrible realization began to dawn on him: he was the sacrifice, and he was the one to make it.Buy a print of this cartoon. … [Read more...]

sheep among wolves

Wolves rule the world. But we are to be sheep. And we have been sent out among the wolves. Even on Wall St., the parallel is unmistakable. The wolves will prey on the sheep. They will use their superior strength, cleverness and prowess to feed themselves and decimate the flock.These sheep have had enough. And the wolves don't like it.For those of you who missed last night's post, the website Two Friars and a Fool reviewed nakedpastor. Go to their site now by CLICKING HERE. Meet, watch and … [Read more...]

Offering Up Our Lambs

Someone once told me to keep my head down or someone will shoot it off. Many times I've been advised to be discreet for my own safety. History is clear: if you shine too much you're in danger. If you excel you are at risk. If you beckon the best in us you may become our sacrifice.Visit my online gallery where you can buy my most popular cartoons and art. … [Read more...]

hide and seek sheep

These poor sheep aren't lost. They're hiding. And they're in for a beating.Sometimes you think people are lost when in fact they've left you intentionally.The whole point of the story of the lost sheep is that the shepherd was overjoyed when he found it. And it is presumed that because he was a good shepherd the sheep was overjoyed too.Don't scold or punish people for leaving you. It's that attitude that probably encouraged them to "get lost" in the first place.Own the original drawing … [Read more...]

saving shepherd savory sheep

Some analogies break down when pushed too far. But this one is funny. On a more serious note: sometimes it is valid to be suspicious of some shepherd's motives.Buy the original cartoon. Or buy a $15 print (free shipping) of this cartoon. (Just email me.)I published a book of cartoons that addresses issues like these. For just $9, order "Nakedpastor101: Cartoons by David Hayward", from,, … [Read more...]

goats go to hell

We can be so passive-aggressive. It strikes me funny sometimes. We may believe that glirking* is a sin. So if you glirk you're a sinner. Or maybe you are a glirk but you don't practice glirking. If you are a glirk and you don't feel it is a sin and you don't confess it and repent, then you are an unrepentant sinner. And we all know that unrepentant sinners go to Hell. But we'd never come out and say to a glirker's face that he is going to Hell outright. Well... some would and maybe they should … [Read more...]