one smart sheep

Uh-oh. Here's one sheep who's starting to catch on. What's going to happen to him? Will he start a ramolution? Things can't ever be the same for him. That's for sure. You know that!Many of my cartoon originals are available for purchase. Just contact me if interested. Or buy prints of them here.I already have a book of cartoons. For just $9, order "Nakedpastor101: Cartoons by David Hayward", from,, … [Read more...]

sacrificial lambs

My cartoon book is available for $9! Order "Nakedpastor101: Cartoons by David Hayward", from,,, and Barnes and Noble. … [Read more...]

cartoon: said and heard

This saying of Jesus is not to make one paranoid. But it should make one less presumptuously triumphalist. … [Read more...]

cartoon: lambaste

It amazes me how much fighting goes on inside the church. No it doesn't. I fully expect it. But it is heartbreaking. The amount of turmoil I experienced over the last 13 years and especially over the last year of my ministry, was enormous. All the enemies made and friends lost... quite an achievement really. My last church seems to be cursed with it. In my opinion it's because it is valuable real-estate, spiritually and otherwise.But we have made some dear friends too. So we can watch the … [Read more...]

cartoon: who needs enemies…

I think this cartoon speaks for itself. Rather graphic I'll admit. But something I've learned over the years: there are wolves. Then there are wolves in sheep's clothing. Then there are just some nasty sheep. And they seem to be on the rise. Just sayin.Buy a print of this cartoon from my cartoon gallery.I have an image terms of use policy.Please join my newsletter. … [Read more...]

Circus Sheep And Ring Leaders

Please excuse me for using an analogy that is dated and offensive for some people. But as a pastor (a word taken from the root word for shepherd), I often have a useful picture of myself dressed in shepherd's clothes with a shepherd's crook sitting in the grass leaning against a tree overlooking the flock. The flock is gently grazing in the lush grass or lying down or drinking from the nearby stream. I might have a book in my hands or a guitar, and I simply pass the day making sure that there is … [Read more...]

Real Shepherds Needed!

Even though I poke fun at the idea of "sheep" being an analogy for church people, I still find lots of value in it. Here's just a sample of 10 pointers I've taken from the 23rd Psalm for me as a pastor (which is originally taken from the word "shepherd"):He makes me lie down in green pastures: Rest is key. When people officially congregate, their is a natural propensity to get busy doing something. I am constantly pruning back busy-ness, activity and programs. I make people stop. I frustrate … [Read more...]

Are The Sheep Catching On?

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