suspect shepherds

Again, I'm a fan of Gordan Ramsay. I like his shows and I like his website!I saw this picture and I was immediately struck by the irony of it. We all know what Ramsay's planning on doing to this little lamb. I love lamb. Ramsay loves lamb. But he's a chef. Chef's cook lambs. Soon enough this little lamb is going to be converted... into meat.There are vegetarian chefs and vegan chefs. The lamb would be safer with them.I remind my readers that not all pastors devour their sheep. There … [Read more...]

the church and herding cats

This cartoon was inspired by a friend of mine, Richard, who commented on one of my sheep cartoons this week by saying that he was more like a cat. Bingo!Right now I have a dog. I have had cats in the past. You can control a dog. You can't control a cat. You relate to a dog on your terms. You relate to a cat on theirs.When I pastored a local church, this is often what it looked and felt like. Herding cats. Then one day I realized that's okay. People are allowed to be the way they are. On … [Read more...]

the danger of being choice sheep

Welcome to SHEEP WEEK!The problem with any analogy is that those is power will stretch it to its unintended extremes to secure and increase their authority. This is the problem with the shepherd/sheep analogy. What was originally intended to illustrate care mutated into illustrating abuse. The famous Ezekiel 34 describes this sad mutation: Woe to the shepherds of Israel who only take care of themselves! Should not shepherds take care of the flock? You eat the curds, clothe yourselves with … [Read more...]