Honestly, you can pretend to hear from God and it will work for you and for those you tell. More than that, you can actually believe you hear from God and that is even more powerful and convincing. You can believe anything you want and the world will rush in to substantiate it. We need to realize that this happens.Have you read Endo's "Silence"? If not, you should. It's a powerful and honest writing about the silence of God.This isn't to say I don't feel as though I've received direction or … [Read more...]

suffer in silence

Almost every day I receive mail from people expressing their concern that I'm focusing on the bad things that happen to people and don't mention the good things enough. They feel my perspective is skewed by my own experience. Very often I get expressions of pity as they wish I would hurry up and heal and leave my bitterness behind and get back to church.I'm not bitter. I'm very happy. And I surely don't believe I'm over-emphasizing. Many people don't seem to have a sweet clue as to what's … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: full silence

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prayer from the cell: bear silence

I used to find silence disturbing. Now it is full of peace.(We're taking our daughter Casile back to university today so I won't be around until later. Peace!)Visit my store. … [Read more...]

fertile silences

Periods of silence can be productive. Pregnant. A fertile time. Don't panic. Breathe. In. Out. Let it stretch you. It will be messy and people around you will freak out. It's gonna hurt. Just be calm. Something wonderful will come out of this. You will give birth to something brand spanking new.It will change your life. … [Read more...]

drawing “trinity trees & moon”

You may notice there are days when I don't write. It's seldom because I am too busy. Mostly it's because I feel I must be silent. Not that I don't have anything to say. Mostly because I struggle to articulate. Not that I don't think, but that I must consider my thoughts. To be honest, lately I just want to draw and express myself through pictures and music. This is a charcoal drawing I did the other day. It's available here. It helps me express the silence that is within me and around me now. … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: silence

My art on etsy & ebay. My tees, etc., on spreadshirt, cafepress or zazzle. … [Read more...]

Let’s Admit the Silence

Prayer does nothing to alleviate suffering. (Ferriera in Shusaku Endo's Silence).Certainly upon this we must agree. Or perhaps not.I remember in March last year I wrote a post called "I've Never Seen a Miracle". The flack that ensued was surprising. First of all, I didn't think all that many people read my blog locally. But someone did and the news travelled fast. Being in the Vineyard movement and being a pastor of one its churches was problematic in that it emphasizes the supernatural. … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: words

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Do Not Be Silenced!

I take comfort from such people as William Stringfellow. He was called a "lay theologian": he wasn't ordained, didn't have a theology degree, and didn't attend church. Nevertheless his theological contributions to Christianity and the church were enormous. His greatest involvement was with the Sojourners community. It's a shame if you haven't read him. (I would suggest, for starters, An Ethic for Christians and Other Aliens in a Strange Land. It's an excellent treatment of the principalities and … [Read more...]