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Unity Can’t Be Achieved

The prayer of a righteous man avails much… (James 5:16) … may they be one, as we are one… (Jesus in John 17:22) If one is to believe that Jesus is righteous, and that the prayers of a righteous man avails much, and that Jesus prayed that we all be one, then can we believe that his prayer is already answered? Instead of believing that this unity is something that needs to be worked for, is it possible to be certain that it is already a reality that needs admission and maintenance: … make every eff … [Read more...]

z-theory, spirit & unity

I've had several requests for me to write a book on my z-theory (click on "z-theory" and it will take you to most of my posts on the idea).I'm spending a great deal of time thinking about it and cautiously beginning to put stuff down. I am hoping it might be an important contribution to the theological discussion taking place these days. I believe it will provide a paradigm, a matrix, through which we may understand our reality and make sense of our spirituality, theology and religion within … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: screwed

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From Contradiction to Radical Living

Donald Nicholl, in a marvelous essay in Grail Journal, "Holiness: A Call To Radical Living", writes: In fact, every call of the Holy Spirit begins with a revelation of the bankruptcy of one's present, habitual mode of life, its tendency towards the death of one's spirit. That moment of awakening inevitably has to be a moment of anguish, of agony, and of repentance, because it is only from the pain of awakening to the contradiction in one's life that the energy to change arises. The fine-art … [Read more...]

concepts or life

"No one has any obligations to a concept; that is what is so agreeable about conceptuality- it promises protection from experience. The spirit does not dwell in concepts, but in deeds and in facts" (Carl Jung). … [Read more...]