Will theological men share the microphone with women?

There is an online theological conference taking place right now called The Nines. Out of 120 speakers, only 4 are women. That's about 2%.Rachel Held Evans had something to say about that in Twitter but was slapped down at the speed of light.So when a woman protests it's called a meltdown.And Stephanie Drury has skills in pointing out the hypocrisy.Sometimes I wonder if we've found reverse.Purchase the original drawing of this cartoon. … [Read more...]

Blogging, Social Media and Fight the Good Fight

I think it is possible for people with profound disagreements to get along. We can be congenial while we argue. We can even be friends while we fight. Like after a good mixed martial arts match, we can hug and pat each other on the butt and say "Good fight!".I'm observing something that is happening online, especially in blogs and social media like Twitter and Facebook. It seems that there are two majority¬†opinions about disagreeing with others that ends up dismissive in their … [Read more...]

oh my God there’s a friendly atheist!

I'm in love with an atheist, Hemant Mehta, the The Friendly Atheist. In my philosophical construct, he and I are no different, but are essentially connected and united. So we might as well seal the deal.I know this comes as a shock to many of you because this last April Fool's Day me and Rob Bell were married. But I just can't help myself.He wrote a post today about "It's Perfectly Acceptable To Mock Church Culture" in which he applauds Stephanie Drury of Stuff Christian Culture Likes … [Read more...]