companionship in the storms

The rain does fall. The wind does blow. But at least we're together. And somehow this makes it not only easier, because it turns it into something that brings joy and makes me stronger. Even wiser.I'm glad you're with me. I know I could do it alone. I've done it before. I'll do it again. But you're with me now, and your presence brings me peace.We have no idea how long this storm will last. But we've got wings and we'll use it in our favor.Purchase the original painting (it's large!), or … [Read more...]

cartoon: a shelter from the storm

Another image from the depths of my unconscious. Our girl finds protection from the storm under a huge, ancient tree. Isaiah 4:6 promises that there shall be "a refuge and hiding place from the storm and rain". She found it! You can purchase a print of it here. I'm calling her Sophia.Note to newsletter members only: take advantage of my 50% off sale with free shipping on all my original art and fine art prints (including the image above). It ends midnight tonight! Purchase your art and I'll … [Read more...]

Trimming the Ship’s Sails

I had a strange picture early this morning while I was just waking up. Of course, my community has been constantly on my mind lately. Especially since we are spending this month re-evaluating ourselves. It has been a very rough go since 1997 when we suffered a traumatic split. Finally, we were just able to pay off our mortgage. It has been a kind of victory. However, we have a community full of burned out, wounded, exhausted people. Although it hasn't been all bad, these last twelve years have … [Read more...]