one love two stories

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Story of a Sunday Morning

He was planning on sipping on the cup of dark roast while writing in his journal in a dark corner of the cafe. He forgot it was about the time people would be getting out of church. Crap! Sure enough, a small group of people from the church he recently left came into the shop. He had come to enjoy his peaceful Sunday mornings. This was probably the first Sunday he forgot about church. Serves him right! Only the unprepared get ambushed, and he was about to be ambushed royally. He could see it in … [Read more...]

A Parable of Me and My Community

This parable, roughly written yesterday and today, captures the story of my life and my church's life. Here's how it goes:A beautiful young woman fell in love and married the perfect man. It was a famous wedding. They were the ideal couple. They had the admiration of everyone around. It was a fairy-tale wedding and a dream marriage. Things were wonderful. For about a year.She realized, as she became more mature and self-aware, that she wanted to continue to grow and develop as a person. She … [Read more...]