Mother Teresa and the fatal love of suffering

When I was studying for my Masters in Theology, I took some Patristics courses… the early church and apostolic fathers. It was fascinating studying the martyrs like Polycarp, Ignatius and Justin Martyr because they wanted to be martyred. It was such an honor, such a sacrifice, such a guarantee of eternal reward, that they seemed to do anything in their power to get killed for their faith. They took as their examples Jesus who did not open his mouth to defend himself, thereby cementing his e … [Read more...]

two rooms, two experiences, two theologies

I remember the trouble I caused when I first posted this cartoon years ago. It upset a lot of people. But that exactly is the problem. If we are not able to hold two contradictory ideas in our mind at the same time then we are unable to think maturely, deeply or wisely.Integrative thinking looks at this cartoon and says, "Of course. This happens. Both are right."The inability to do this is called fundamentalism, plain and simple. … [Read more...]