really bad Christian t-shirt idea: “iTithe”

Maybe someone has already said this. With conviction. I wouldn't be surprised. Funny thing is I created this tee as a joke but there a lots of people who would wear it proudly.Because it is faithfully and frequently taught in the churches and at least practiced and people are reminded weekly. Even yesterday Pat Robertson was told by an elderly woman that her husband has such high medical bills that they need to use the money to pay those. He told her that if they were faithful tithers and … [Read more...]

this cartoon has bite to it

Is there anything more terrifying than a shark? Yes! A land shark that can run!I think this is a great t-shirt idea that I will make available soon. … [Read more...]

t-shirt idea: unhappenness

Sure. Shit happens. But shit also unhappens.I've seen it in my own life recently. Shit happened. Then it unhappened.When it happened I was unhappy. When it unhappened I was happy.Shit unhappens.Hey! I gave people the wrong link last night to my new Sophia drawing "release". Read the post here. Buy the original drawing. Or, buy a print of this drawing. … [Read more...]

t-shirt idea: atheish

Here's a tee for those who want to embrace their inner atheist but don't necessarily want to be hardline about it. … [Read more...]

t-shirt: something i used to know

[Read more...]

t-shirt: i hate your religious meetings

Can't get any clearer than that! I wonder how popular this t-shirt would sell at a religious conference? Haha.But... Guilty as charged! The church I pastored last was famous for its renewal conferences. Speakers and worship leaders: we brought in the big guns. We would have a couple thousand at these huge events. We used to have Friday night renewal services that packed the building. Our Sunday church services were like renewal meetings and were always packed.Some good things happened at … [Read more...]

FREEBIE FRIDAY: t-shirt giveaway!

Good morning everyone! Another Freebie Friday!Today I'm giving away 3 "Narrow Way" tees. I created the image to depict the challenge of the cross.These t-shirts have been given to me by an incredible t-shirt company called ooShirts. They offered to give me three free tees in exchange for a little review of their product.In a matter of minutes I had a design uploaded and within days it was shipped. It took a little while to get to my door in Canada from California, but that's normal. The … [Read more...]

nakedpastor tee

Lisa wears this shirt all the time. Not literally, but "metaphorically", if you get my meaning. We "know" each other, biblically speaking.Anyway, I digress. Here's a great tee idea that may hit the press soon. The problem is that those who like things naked probably won't wear it.Do nudists read fashion magazines?If you are interested in acquiring my original cartoons or prints, just email me.Download my cartoon ebook, --> click here! <--Check out my originals and prints of my a … [Read more...]

christian tee for math geeks who can’t spell

I remember the Billy Graham book that came out years ago called "I Believe in Angels". I thought of this back then. It's finally incarnated in a silly tee. … [Read more...]

t-shirt idea: unwind

I tell my students when they start freaking out about a test: relax! I teach them that the number one ingredient to success in testing is to relax. So many of them lose marks because they are nervous and lose their minds. Relax!The same with so much that goes on in religion. Relax! So much is jeopardized because people get uptight and lose their minds. Relax!So... be kind to yourself and others. Unwind!Visit my online gallery to acquire my art. … [Read more...]