What women who want equality in the church must face.

(Actually, this cartoon or t-shirt idea is not perfect because Paul said there is neither male nor female in Christ. But this will do for now.)I claim that the more dissenting an opposing group becomes, the more fundamentalist the group in power becomes. This is why we are witnessing the simultaneous growth of radical dissent and radical fundamentalism. If you're keeping up with the rapid daily reports, you must agree this is happening with women in the church. I think it comes down to three … [Read more...]

New Tee Shirt

Spreadshirt Market Place ProductBonhoefferFinally, here's my new Bonhoeffer tee shirt. It is based on a linocut I did a while back. I'm pretty happy with it. I hope you are too! You can check out my other tees HERE as well as my art HERE. … [Read more...]