Canadian Thanksgiving, Jesus and Turkeys

It's Canadian Thanksgiving today.I want to thank everyone who gave me birthday wishes yesterday. I was overwhelmed with emails and comments and facebook notifications and tweets and phone calls, etc., etc., and I'm overwhelmed today with the feeling of friendship.That's something to be thankful for!(I'm doing a one hour webinar tomorrow night with my friend Nick on "Is Spiritual Independence Okay?". Read more and register here.) … [Read more...]

Jesus Loves Turkey

Yes, I admit it: I have fun with turkeys every Thanksgiving. But my mommy told me I shouldn't play with my food. So...Last night's nakedpub at the University of New Brunswick in Saint John was awesome. It was a small but intimate and vocal group and we had some great discussions all around the idea of the value of questions.Next we're planning one for Moncton and Halifax.You can order my cartoon book, "nakedpastor101", in two formats:Download as an ebook for just $2.50, --> click … [Read more...]

thanksgiving memorial

Many lives were lost here.And many more will follow.I'm not sure these turkeys realize the second part.Or they wouldn't be hanging around here too long.Download this cartoon for just .99¢(If you are interested in acquiring any of my originals, please email me.)You can order my already published cartoon book, "nakedpastor101", in two formats:Download as an ebook for just $2.50, --> click here! <-- OR order the hardcopy from Amazon: … [Read more...]

Canadian Thanksgiving Turkey Funeral

I've done a lot of funerals. I've seen and heard some pretty incredible things.Download a high-resolution scanned image of this cartoon for just .99¢Own the original drawing of this cartoon. … [Read more...]

thanksgiving dream or nightmare

It's Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. We just had our turkey dinner. Beautiful!Here's an older turkey cartoon. A theme I love to play with. A new one tomorrow.(Download my ebook "nakedpastor 101" for .99¢.) To download the ebook, --> click here! <--Check out my originals and prints. Take advantage of affordable prices now. … [Read more...]

thanksgiving cartoon: martyrs

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers. I hope you have a great day.Isn't it about time some of you ordered my cartoon book for Christmas? … [Read more...]

cartoon: a thanksgiving prayer

I did another Minute Message last night... #4, based on Luke 18: 9-14. Check it out. This cartoon is inspired by that passage and that message.Order my new cartoon book, nakedpastor101! … [Read more...]

10 Thanksgivings

It is Canadian Thanksgiving today. So I thought I would share with my readers the things I am thankful for right now:I am thankful for the All-in-all who fills all, undergirds all, is over all and sustains all things in an All-Encompassing Compassion. I am thankful for the dream that provoked the Z-theory (type "z-theory" in my blog's search box). It has provided me with a means to understand how my Christian theology fits into the bigger picture. I am looking forward to developing and … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving American Friends!

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