Theologians and the God Guessers

(*** You can purchase a fine art reproduction of this cartoon in my store!)You've heard the story of the blind men who were standing around an elephant trying to describe what they were feeling. One thought a tree. Another thought a snake. Another thought a mountain.Whenever I draw a cartoon or write a post, I always try to write from a humble posture. I don't always succeed. But I try. Because I know all too well that we are all just guessing. One guess might be better than another. But … [Read more...]

theological progression or regression?

I talk about this idea quite a bit in my Z Theory.The biblical story, as diversified as it is theologically, still presents, in my opinion, a unified idea that God emptied himself into Jesus, that Jesus left and sent the Spirit in his stead, and that the Spirit is now represented in the loving human collective.It is like the waterfalls dream I had in which I knew that above the rim was an infinite source, yet it continually poured itself out over the rim to be made manifest in the … [Read more...]

oh the storms our mouths can cause

My cartoon and post last week "Other Tragedies in the Wake of the Tornadoes", referring to the theological pronouncements following the Oklahoma tornadoes, got a lot of traffic.Most of the time I assume theologians mean well and that they believe their intentions are sincere. But being well-meaning and sincere doesn't seem to prevent harmful things from being said.John Piper's tweets are still stirring up a storm. I'm not satisfied with the explanations he and his team have put out. It … [Read more...]

theology as a ball and chain

I wrote a post last week about learning a lesson on theological conversation from Tony Jones. Seriously, that incident got me thinking.Theology is important to me. I love it. I enjoy it. I am on a mission to understand the truth. I have a suspicion that there is a unifying theory that would be the key to understanding it all. I also concede that I could be wrong about this. But this is the theory that motivates me in my search.But that says a lot. The Tony Jones incident last week made … [Read more...]

A Lesson on Theological Conversation from Tony Jones

Tony Jones has been accused of making offensive statements and he's come to his own defense in his post "I'm Tired of Being Called a Racist". If we are interested in clear and clean communication within the theological community, then there are few lessons to be learned from this unfolding story.1. It might be time to look inward if we have been accused of something more than once.¬†Actually, Jones has been accused of saying things that were "borderline racist." That's not necessarily the … [Read more...]

one theological turkey

(*Several of my original cartoon drawings and prints are available, including this one! Email me if interested. Original drawings are $100 and prints are $25... plus shipping.)Inspired by Rabbi Kushner's "When Bad Things Happen to Good People". Great book. … [Read more...]