offerings down

I kid you not: this is a weekly anxiety for many pastors. When you have the building, staff and expenses of all kinds, the amount of weekly offerings is crucial. It can mean life or death. Every every every pastor wants to know what the "take" is every Sunday as soon as it is counted. I've heard of some pastors wanting to know via a sign at the back so that if they were lower than needed he could preach up more money. I was at one service where the offering plate was passed around 5 times. I kid … [Read more...]

a pastor’s favorite dream

I have to admit: it would have made my life a lot easier if everyone in my church tithed. It might have been my favorite dream! But I refused to teach tithing, much to the chagrin of some but to the delight of most. I taught generosity and the freedom to choose to give volitionally within the milieu of grace.It didn't work. Only a few "got" it.Own the original drawing of this cartoon.Buy a print of this cartoon.Buy my books, full of such cartoons HERE. … [Read more...]

money’s not everything

This guy needs to learn that even though the action is important, the condition of the heart is just as important. In fact, the attitude can spoil the gift. It's not enough to throw money and good deeds around. The point is to be changed.(One of my first cartoons. Ha!)(Download my ebook "nakedpastor 101" for .99¢.) To download the ebook, --> click here! <--Check out my originals and prints. Take advantage of affordable prices now. … [Read more...]

Giving While Being Taken

Last week I did something that I had refused to do for years and years. Ever since I entered the ministry I never wanted to know how much people were giving. I was afraid that it would affect the way I thought of them and treated them. I'm just being honest. I didn't trust that I wouldn't get frustrated with those who didn't give much or nothing, and appreciate those who did. Especially when the church might be going through a hard time and my pay might be affected, I didn't want my knowledge of … [Read more...]

cartoon: turning up the heat

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It’s God’s Turn to Give!

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Give to Save Your Skull!

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wallet-sized prayer

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