How to determine your value as a church member

I pastored local churches for about 30 years. I know how important money can become in the life of a church. I also know how easy it is to see people only in terms of their usefulness and what they can contribute, including financially.The whole idea of tithing is rooted in an entirely different time, culture and religion. So when you hear someone like Pastor Ed Young berate his congregation of thousands that it is all about the money, and that if they don't tithe they shouldn't come to … [Read more...]

really bad Christian t-shirt idea: “iTithe”

Maybe someone has already said this. With conviction. I wouldn't be surprised. Funny thing is I created this tee as a joke but there a lots of people who would wear it proudly.Because it is faithfully and frequently taught in the churches and at least practiced and people are reminded weekly. Even yesterday Pat Robertson was told by an elderly woman that her husband has such high medical bills that they need to use the money to pay those. He told her that if they were faithful tithers and … [Read more...]