oh the storms our mouths can cause

My cartoon and post last week "Other Tragedies in the Wake of the Tornadoes", referring to the theological pronouncements following the Oklahoma tornadoes, got a lot of traffic.Most of the time I assume theologians mean well and that they believe their intentions are sincere. But being well-meaning and sincere doesn't seem to prevent harmful things from being said.John Piper's tweets are still stirring up a storm. I'm not satisfied with the explanations he and his team have put out. It … [Read more...]

other tragedies in the wake of the tornadoes

It's one thing to experience tragedy. It's another to have it followed by a sermon.Why is everyone so smart? Why are there so many answers to such a deep, unspeakable mystery?It didn't take long for John Piper to tweet his answer: "Your sons and daughters were eating and a great wind struck the house, and it fell upon them, and they are dead (Job 1:19)" Or for Westboro Baptist Church's Fred Phelps, Jr. to tweet his: "OK Thunder's Durant flips God by praising fag Collins. God smashes … [Read more...]