FREEBIE FRIDAY print Sophia “trapped”

Today I'm giving away a free fine art print of the highly popular Sophia "trapped". I've given this away before, but it seems relevant today. If you want to go ahead and order a print now, just click here! The original is sold.I'm giving this print away because of the incredible debate that is going on right now in the church and elsewhere around gender, women and sexuality. To read more about it, you can check out yesterday's post that has some links you can follow. Sophia's story is all … [Read more...]

FREEBIE FRIDAY: print of Sophia “trapped”

Today I'm giving away a fine art print of one of my most popular Sophia drawings, "trapped". This will be one of the first drawings in my book of my Sophia collection... the beginning of her story towards her own independence and freedom. It's almost ready to be assembled!If you want to go ahead and buy a print, GO HERE.All you have to do is: 1. leave a comment on this post. Anything... even just a "hi". 2. you must sign up for my newsletterSorry, but I won't be responding to comments. … [Read more...]

free to go

I know what it's like to be trapped. I know what it's like to feel trapped. The two feel exactly the same.You can come to learn that at those times when you feel trapped, you can eventually get to a place where you realize you are not trapped at all. It is the limitation your family, your friends, your community or your society has placed upon you. But, ultimately, it is the limitation you have put upon yourself. You have adopted not only your chains, but the chains of others.You are free to … [Read more...]

Sophia “Trapped” as book cover

My provocative yet popular drawing of Sophia "Trapped' (available as a print here) has been used as the cover image for Cynthia McClaskey's new book, Religion's Cell: Doctrines of the Church That Lead to Bondage and Abuse (<--click there to order from Amazon!) I was overjoyed to see "Cover Art by David Hayward right on the front cover! Wow!Cynthia and I have been in communication for some time about this happening. I was so pleased to get my personally signed hardcover copy from Cynthia … [Read more...]

Freebie Friday: “Trapped” Sophia

Today I'm giving away a free print of Sophia "Trapped". The original sold last week. There are still prints available.I had a dream last night in which a friend was telling me how, in his experience, the bible had been consistently used as a weapon against him. The bible, for him, was totally negative. I empathized with him. We went on to talk about how prayer was often used in the same way.This is an image that has had a powerful impact on so many people, especially women. You'll be happy … [Read more...]

what would Jesus earn?

I want to share with you one of the biggest issues I struggle with:moneyMany years ago I made a vow of poverty. You can read more about the story here. I developed this value that money and spirituality don't and shouldn't mix. I chose to believe that money dilutes the purity of the message. Spending over 25 years in the ministry, which often relishes a poverty mentality, only fortified this belief. Actually, the belief or opinion was hammered so deeply that it has become a matter of … [Read more...]

new Sophia drawing “Trapped”

This one of Sophia, our young woman on her courageous journey towards her independence and wisdom, must have a beginning. This is how I picture her… trapped and surrounded by trappings. I find these pieces so emotional to create because I know she represents my spirit, my inner self, and its journey out of religious slavery towards independence and wisdom.This one is called "Trapped". Sophia is chained to a stone cellar wall. She is surrounded by words of submission. Even though we might agree … [Read more...]

Change and Freedom

I have done this many times before. I have just quit and moved on to the next chapter. This is how things usually work with me. I commit myself to something and persevere at that commitment for many years. Then, eventually, I begin to sense a change is in the air. It usually begins subtly. But the impression of it grows and grows until the situation I'm in becomes constrictive. It begins to feel like a trap, a prison, a bondage. I must be free again. I must be liberated from this present … [Read more...]