teacher of the truth

I learned a lot through the church. I'm thankful for that. But what I've also learned is what I needed to unlearn because of the church. I also learned that there's much to learn that the church prefers to prevent. This is not always the case. But it seems to be generally true for many.I provide one on one spiritual coaching. Especially for those going through spiritual transition. Would you like to talk? Click here. … [Read more...]

the bowling ball of reality

The problem with reality is that our minds constantly re-define what that is. The mind is incredibly skillful at protecting its own ideas about itself and therefore the world it finds itself in. It will always adjust what reality is to fit its own agenda and wishes.Once in a while, though, the pain of reality invades us in such a shocking manner that our minds don't have time to buffer and reshape it. We need to take advantage of those traumatic moments and let truth in its most raw form sink … [Read more...]

prayer from the cell: hatred

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mine mine mine mine

All truth is ours. Not just yours. Or mine. There is truth. It is accessible to us all. All people. All faiths and non-faiths. All religions and philosophies. All scientists and spiritualists. All truth is ours.No one has a corner on it. … [Read more...]

nightmare confession

Imagine! How will Bill preach this morning?Probably with a lot more humility and tentativeness. His "boldness", rather than grounded in his presumptuous pontifications, will be grounded more in the certainty of a profound Mystery and a fathomless Compassion for all.He will now see that Truth is a destination he is travelling toward rather than a base from which he launches attacks.Buy a print of this cartoon. Own the original drawing. I published a book of my cartoons! amazon.com, … [Read more...]

All Truth is Ours

Saint Justin Martyr (103–165 A.D.) said, "All truth is ours." He meant that all truth is in Christ, so that whatever is true is in Christ and belongs to Christ, and that if we are in Christ, then all truth belongs to us as Christians.Everyone can say that all truth is ours. Buddhists can. Hindus can. Muslims can. Atheists can. Agnostics can. New Agers can. Philosophers can. Everyone can. Anyone can."All truth is ours!" is a glorious human declaration.Which means all truth is mine. All t … [Read more...]

Darkness Does Not Overcome It

Years ago I heard a pastor use this illustration to press home his point:My pastor and one of his pastor friends walk into a dimly lit restaurant. The pastor friend starts confessing his questions to my pastor, how he struggles with some fundamentals of the faith, and how he wonders if this is a legitimate part of his growth to spiritual maturity. My pastor quickly jumped in to correct him and says, "Did you notice how dark it was in here when we came in. We could hardly find our way to this … [Read more...]

crisis and the pursuit of truth

Darrin, who I met through this blog, commented on this morning's cartoon "Goodbye?": Honesty is a lonely trail sometimes. Keep up the good work. And you do go too far sometimes! LOL. So do we all though! Maybe for many people in the church Dave you simply pronounce shibbóleth the wrong way and they then won’t let you cross into places they don’t want you to be. But those places are home for you and where your voice is most authentic. You have to be true to you. So thanks. I'm going through anot … [Read more...]

The Truth Hurts

An interesting study by *Shelley Taylor, a positive psychologist at the University of California at Los Angeles, "Positive Illusions: Creative Self-Deception and the Healthy Mind", notes that positive illusions in a person can protect mental and physical health.She writes: The effective individual in the face of threat seems to be one who permits the development of illusions, nurtures those illusions, and is ultimately restored by those illusions. Her explicit message is that positive … [Read more...]

streams and deserts

I was talking with a good friend of mine yesterday. She was outside reading 'Streams', a devotional book that she loves. She was feeling very much at peace and content. She felt the Presence. She was happy.Today she got some disturbing news and it totally upset her. We were talking about it. I said, "Unfortunately, the other half of 'Streams' is 'In The Desert'".Easy to say. Harder to do. Maybe even impossible. It's easy when you are in the middle of a stream to enjoy the stream's benefits. … [Read more...]